The IOC = International Olympic Committee Chairman Bach's visit to Japan, which was being coordinated for the torch relay in Hiroshima this month, is expected to be readjusted in the direction of being postponed due to the extension of the state of emergency. I found out by interviewing the people concerned.

Regarding this, Chairman Hashimoto of the Organizing Committee said, "I think it is very difficult for you to come to Japan as the state of emergency is extended."

The Tokyo Olympic torch relay started in Fukushima in March, and is being held in Nagasaki Prefecture on the 7th, which is the 20th.

Of these, adjustments were being made so that IOC President Bach would visit Japan in time for the relay to be held in Hiroshima Prefecture on the 17th and 18th of this month.

However, according to the people concerned, Chairman Bach's visit to Japan was considered on the premise that a state of emergency had not been declared, so it is expected that the declaration will be extended and readjusted in the direction of being postponed. is.

At a press conference on the 7th, Chairman Hashimoto of the Organizing Committee said, "I think it is important for Chairman Bach to see the current situation in Japan directly, but he came to Japan in a difficult situation where the state of emergency was extended. It will be a heavy burden to have you do it, and I think it will be very difficult. "

In April, Chairman Bach denied the direct impact by saying at a press conference after the IOC Executive Board that "the state of emergency is not related to the Tokyo Olympics."