The diving World Cup, which was held as the final qualifying and test tournament for the Tokyo Olympics, ended the 6-day tournament with the men's board diving final on the 6th of the final day.

The Dive World Cup began on the 1st of this month at the Tokyo Aquatics Center in Koto Ward, Tokyo, and was held with the participation of athletes from 46 countries, including Japan, as the infection of the new coronavirus continued to spread.

The tournament was held as both the final qualifying and test tournament for the Tokyo Olympics, and on the final day, the 6th, the men's board diving semi-final and final were held.

In this event, the Japanese player was unable to participate in the qualifying on the 5th, and the winner was Germany's Martin Wolfram, who marked 467.75.

Eleven Japanese men and women participated in this tournament, of which the Japan Swimming Federation broke through the qualifying round and confirmed the 18th place in each event in the semi-finals, jumping into the women's board. Ryoka Enomoto, Rikuto Tamai and Reio Nishida have been newly appointed as Olympic representatives.

Regarding the selection of representatives for synchronized events, the Japan Swimming Federation plans to announce a representative appointment by the end of this month based on the results of this competition because there is a host country frame.

Japan Swimming Federation "Tokyo Tournament is a chance for medals"

Masaaki Ito, the chairman of the Japan Swimming Federation, commented on the results of Japanese athletes in this World Cup from the standpoint of encouraging the strengthening of athletes. I can do it. I was nervous about the big international tournament for Rikuto Tamai for the first time, but there was also a good performance. I want to correct my mistakes and go to the Olympics. "

Furthermore, regarding the diving event of the Olympic Games, he said, "I have never reached a medal, but I think this Tokyo tournament is an opportunity," and revealed his intention to win a medal.