Swedish striker Anthony Elanga is having a good season in Manchester United's U23 team and in the recent victory against Derby he was noted for two goals and one assist.

The good performances have been rewarded with a place in the first team in the Europa League and as a tight match schedule now awaits, the debut can probably be close.

Now he is hailed by the superstar Bruno Fernandes.

- He impresses everyone as he is a really lovely guy.

Quiet, working hard.

He is really good with the ball, plays with both feet.

He has a future, he says.

The Portuguese even believes that Elanga can become an A-team player at Manchester United.

- If he stays focused on what he has to do and what he can achieve, I think he has a future with us.

KLIPP: That's why United fans are protesting

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That's why Manchester United supporters are protesting Photo: Twitter / TT