• Stade Rennais is committed off the field with a program to fight against sedentary lifestyle.

  • The Breton club relies on its strike force to encourage its community to move.

  • The program targets in particular young people whose sedentary lifestyle worries health professionals.

On the pitch, Stade Rennais is of course focused on the end of the championship with a decisive match looming on Sunday evening in the race for Europe against PSG. But outside, the Breton club does not forget its social role with its community estimated at "about 500,000 people", according to Jacques Delanoë, chairman of the board. As a sports company, Stade Rennais is particularly interested in physical activity and its health benefits.

Because if his players are used to spending their time in training (we hope so anyway), this is not necessarily the case with his followers.

We do not blame the Rennes supporters here because sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity are global public health problems.

In France, one in three adults and two in three adolescents do not follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization, which recommends one hour of activity per day.

Players called on to spread the word

And the consequences are terrible on health with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer or obesity. Since 2012, physical inactivity has thus become the leading cause of preventable death in the world. "These figures are of course worrying," recognizes François Carré, professor of cardiovascular physiology at the Rennes University Hospital. But it's not too late for people to start moving again. "To help them get off the couch, Stade Rennais has just launched a program called" Bouge! " »In order to make the general public aware of these issues, train those working in the field and support the development of the offer of physical and sports activities in Brittany.

Rennes players are also called upon to spread the word.

Big fan of video games, the attacker Martin Terrier explains how he managed to limit his consumption without giving up his passion.

Young people Eduardo Camavinga, Jérémy Doku and Adrien Truffert also take part in a quiz in which they wonder about their time spent in front of the screens.

From Monday, Stade Rennais will also offer yoga and fitness classes online with two live sessions per week on its Twitch channel.

Ten minutes of in-class sports before class

The Stade Rennais healthy sport program particularly targets young people whose physical capacity has decreased by 25% in half a century. "Physical inactivity, which was accentuated during confinement, is a real time bomb," warns Professor Carré. At the start of the school year, Stade Rennais therefore plans to get closer to the teaching community in order to imagine small sports sessions lasting ten minutes before starting lessons. “This wakes up the child and will then facilitate learning,” emphasizes the health professional.

In connection with the Maison Sport Santé de Rennes and the Ligue de Bretagne de Football, the Breton club finally plans to train sports educators in these sport-health issues with a first session which should be held at the beginning of the summer at Roazhon. Park.

"Football is therefore an ideal vector to seek audiences who are far from sports," said Doctor Sophie Cha, medical adviser to the regional directorate of youth and sports.


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