Former national soccer player Dennis Aogo apologized for a verbal misstep just one day after the fuss about a racist message from Jens Lehmann to himself.

The 34-year-old regretted on Thursday that, as an expert on TV station Sky, he had used the expression "train to the point of gassing" on Wednesday evening.

Regarding “Bild”, Aogo said: “Of course, this word cannot be used in any context.

That was a big mistake, I can only sincerely apologize for it. ”The former professional worked for Sky as part of the broadcast of the Champions League semi-finals.

During their rule, the National Socialists systematically murdered millions of people in gas chambers in concentration camps.

Poison gas had previously been used in the First World War.

Aogo had published Lehmann's WhatsApp message


Therefore, there was criticism of Aogo on social media.

He had previously published the WhatsApp message from Lehmann, in which the former national goalkeeper asked: “Is Dennis actually your quota black?” The sentence was accompanied by a smiley smiley face in front of the question mark.

Dennis Aogo has meanwhile spoken to Jens Lehmann

Source: pa / Sielski-Press / Joachim Sielski

Lehmann then lost his supervisory board position at Bundesliga club Hertha BSC on Wednesday.

Sky and Sport1 announced that they no longer want to invite the 51-year-old as a guest on their television programs.

Now Aogo is also no longer an expert at Sky for the time being.

This was confirmed by the pay TV broadcaster “Bild” on Thursday afternoon: In a corresponding statement it says: “Dennis Aogo has apologized and is aware of the scope of his statement, which he very much regrets.

He is an excellent expert on our team, whom we appreciate very much, but made a huge mistake.

He wants to learn from this.

Dennis Aogo has decided to put his expert work at Sky on hold for the time being.

We think this is correct. "