The Asian Championship of Canoe Sprint, which requires a quota for the Tokyo Olympics, was held in Thailand, and Yuka Ono took second place in the women's kayak single 200 meters, and won the quota for this event and was nominated as a representative.

The Canoe Sprint Asian Championship, which will take place in the Tokyo Olympics, has been held in Thailand since the 5th, and Ono participated in the final of the women's kayak single 200m in the competition held on the 6th.

Ono was tenacious with a strong paddle judgment until the end of the game, but at 40.258, he did not reach the top Kazakhstan player at 0.135 and finished second.

In this tournament, the countries and regions that ranked first in each category will be given a quota for the Tokyo Olympics, but Kazakhstan, which ranked first, has already won a quota for another women's kayak single event. As a result, Ono, who was in second place, won the Japanese quota according to the regulations of the International Sports Federation.

The Japan Canoe Federation has decided that the athlete who won this slot will be the representative of the Tokyo Olympics, so Ono has been nominated as the representative.

In other events, Taishi Tanada, a 1000-meter men's kayak single, was in 3rd place, and Masaharu Komatsu, a 200-meter men's kayak single, was in 7th place.

Yuka Ono Returned 5 years ago aiming for the Tokyo Olympics

Yuka Ono is 30 years old from Yurihonjo City, Akita Prefecture.

I started the competition when I participated in a canoeing class held locally when I was in elementary school.

After graduating from university, I was away from the competition for a while to concentrate on my work, but five years ago, I was asked by the coach of the Japan national team and returned to aim for the Tokyo Olympics.

At the 2018 Asian Games, she won the bronze medal in both the women's kayak single 200 meters and the kayak pair 500 meters.