Ryota Yamagata, a short-distance track and field boy, participated in the 100-meter race held in Mito City with the aim of breaking the standard record for participation in the Olympic Games. It did not reach the standard record.

28-year-old Yamagata is aiming to break the standard record of 10 seconds 05 for the next month's Japan Championship, which also serves as the representative selection for the Tokyo Olympics, with a personal best of 100 meters for men at 10:00, which is the 4th place in Japan's history. I am.

Last week, I won the race in Hiroshima City in 10 seconds 14 and got better and participated in the "Mito Invitation" on the 5th.

The stadium in Mito City was in harsh conditions with a strong headwind from the morning, and in the qualifying, Yamagata himself said that he had no experience with a headwind of 8.3 meters, and the overall top was only 10 seconds 95 seconds.

Although the final jumped out from the start, it lacked growth in the headwind of 4.7 meters and ended in 10 seconds 71, which did not break the standard participation record in this tournament.

Yamagata player Qualifying race with strong headwind "feeling pushing the wall"

Yamagata recalled, "I felt like I was pushing the wall" about the qualifying race with a headwind of 8.3 meters.

The finals also had a headwind of over 4 meters, and last week's tournament also experienced a lot of tournaments that were not blessed with good winds, such as a favorable tailwind blowing up to the previous event and then almost no wind at 100 meters. I am.

When asked about this, Yamagata said, "I don't really care about it, but it's about time I started to care about it," and laughed at the press.

After that, he revealed that he was reviewing the run immediately after the start, which he was good at, and said, "I ran with the hope that I could feel the response, but I think it was a good race that will lead to the next. I want to practice. "