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professional baseball field was greeted by Children's Day after two years. Along with various events, the cheering of the children made it very hot.

This is Yoo Byung-min.

<Reporter> At

Eagles Park's press conference, reporters from Hanwha children ask sharp questions.

[Kim Chae-hyuk/Hanwha fans: Are you comfortable with the shift?] [Joo

Min-jun/Hanwha fans: The selection burden would be great, but how can I get rid of that burden and show good performance?]

[Kim Min-woo/Hanwha pitcher: In my routine I think I will find my confidence and endure it.] I

will introduce the players and play the role of a cheerleader.

The players gave me memories with the names of children's fans.

[Han Seo-won/Hanwha Fan: Hanwha Eagles Fighting!]

Professional baseball celebrated Children's Day as an unattended crowd due to Corona 19 last year, and 15,000 spectators visited five stadiums within two years.


Children's Day's best big match LG won the battle against Jamsil rivals for the second consecutive year.

Kim Hyun-soo fired a two-run gun in the pursuit, and Ji-hwan Oh Ji-hwan shot a reversal final and even a wedge hit.

--- In

Daejeon, the leading Samsung won four straight victories, beating the home team Hanwha.

In the 8th inning, Pirella's back-to-back finalist, which was behind 1-0, scored 4 points at once and won a reverse win.

--- In

Changwon, SSG pressed NC after a battle of 7 home runs.

NC lead with Na Seong-beom's Manlupo, SSG turned the trend with Eui-Yoon Eui-yoon’s Manrupo, and struck a wedge with a two-run of Hanyu Island in the 9th inning.


KIA made a big inning without missing out on the defense mistake of Lotte Son A-seop in the first time, and Kiwoom defeated KT in the 7th game against 7th on Children's Day, with Kim Woong-bin's performance by making 3 home runs alone.

(Video coverage: Jo Jeong-hwan, video editing: Nam Il)