In professional baseball Nippon-Ham, where 10 players and others were infected with the new coronavirus, 3 people including Daisuke Araki, a pitcher coach, were newly found to be infected.

By May 1st, Nippon-Ham was found to have 7 players, 1 coach, and 2 team staff, totaling 10 people infected with the new corona, and from May 2nd to 5th due to this effect. Four games up to the day have been cancelled.

In response to a series of infected people in the team, Nippon-Ham conducted additional PCR tests, and as a result, a total of three people were infected, including pitcher Araki, Shinji Takahashi, and one team staff member. I found out that.

In addition, Ryo Watanabe and Ryo Ishikawa were judged to be close contacts by a survey conducted by the public health center, and were excluded from the participation player registration.

Nippon-Ham is currently suspending team activities, and all team members are scheduled to undergo another PCR test in the future, and will discuss with the public health center when to resume activities.