Thierry Henry does not know if it will be possible one day, but one thing is certain: the plan to buy Arsenal by Daniel Ek is not the wind.

The legend of the Gunners assured Monday evening on Sky Sports that the founder of Spotify, who declared himself publicly at the end of April, is genuinely interested in his club of heart and would like to associate with his plan, besides him- even, his former teammates at the time of the Invincibles Patrick Vieira and Dennis Berkamp.

“I know a lot of people have questions.

But I can say it, it's true Daniel is an Arsenal fan, he didn't say that to advertise himself.

He's been an Arsenal fan for a very long time, said Henry.

It's going to be long and not easy, if it ever happens, but I can assure Daniel won't give up.

He will wait and see if they want to sell.


"Recover the DNA of the club"

And what is his project, then?

In short, Daniel Ek would like to give power back to the supporters.

"We want to bring the fans back on board, that they participate in the meetings, that they know what is going on because we need to recover the DNA of the club, its identity, which in my opinion is long gone. Henry said.

Thus, the fans would for example have the right to reject certain decisions of the board.

As for his involvement and those of the other two glorious elders, things happened naturally.

"He came closer to us, and we listened to him," said the top scorer in club history.

If the current American owner Stan Kroenke assures that he does not want to let go of the club, supporters have long been unhappy with the current management.


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