Texas pitcher Hyun-jong Yang is finally making a sortie as a'big league starter' on Thursday (6th). At the age of 33, he gave up large sums and started from the bottom, so the meaning of'selection' is significant.

This is Yoo Byung-min.

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the 6th, the Texas club announced that Hyunjong Yang will start the away game against Minnesota.

As Japanese pitcher Arihara, who had been hit as a starter ahead of Yang Hyun-jong last weekend, had a difficult start with finger blisters, the opportunity came to Yang Hyun-jong.

Yang Hyeon-jong, who became a free agent after last season, started the challenge by signing a minor contract with Texas instead of a large contract in Korea.

Despite the trial of being excluded from the opening game entry, he was silently waiting for the opportunity, and he was promoted to the big league 25 days after the opening of last week, and after a good pitch of 4.1 innings in two consecutive games, he dreamed a week after his debut. I took the opportunity to select that I was drawing.

Hyunjong Yang introduced the catcher Trevino who worked with him on social media and showed a completely melted appearance in the team.

[Good morning. This is Jose Trevino. I love you!]

Currently, the Texas starter has fallen to the 12th ERA among 15 league teams, so if Hyunjong Yang plays the Minnesota match well, it is likely to become a built-in starter.