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Until just over a week ago, hardly anyone contemplated that


were a firm candidate for the



, while the team did not stop adding victories. And now that it undoubtedly was,

Lopetegui's team

saw their great streak cut short - five wins in a row - and gave ground almost definitively against

Atlético, Real Madrid and Barcelona

. He could not fail to follow in the wake of the three and in the first


he did, falling defeated against


in the Pizjuán thanks to a goal from

Iñaki Williams

in the 90th minute.

Now Sevilla is

six points


Atlético with only 12 remaining to be played.

La Liga becomes for them an almost impossible mission that involves winning at


on Sunday and trusting that

Atlético will

not win at the

Camp Nou


Although the tie, with Barça at four points, would not give him much air either.

Nothing to reproach, in any case, a team that has done enough to reach this point in the League with options.

And happiness for an Athletic that in two weeks has beaten

Atlético and Sevilla

when it seemed to be heading towards a depressing end of the season.

Now he even has some European option, although the six points behind with


seem too many.

The advance pressure from Athletic was a headache for Sevilla in the first minutes until Lopetegui's team interpreted where the rojiblancos' weak point was: on their right wing. Sooner or later,


always managed to detach himself from

De Marcos'


to send dangerous centers to the area. There, a

physically just


-Iñigo Martínez was low at the last minute- suffered a lot at the top with



The problem that the Moroccan had had the name


and the surname



The goalkeeper of the national team has been adding many errors in the starts this season, but under the sticks it is an absolute guarantee.

He saved Athletic on two occasions in the first half in which his teammates found it very difficult to disturb the Seville defense.

The tie at halftime was a good result for Marcelino's men.

That feeling even improved at the beginning of the second half when the referee did not penalize a hand from


as a penalty


There comes a point where it is difficult to understand the

criteria of the referees

- if there is one and not two dozen - with actions like this, in which the defender's arm is separated and whose presence cuts the trajectory of the ball towards the area.

Of course, neither Lopetegui nor his players understood that there was no penalty.

Sevilla spent the entire second half around Simón's area but, contrary to what happened in the first, the Alava goalkeeper barely enjoyed prominence.

Athletic locked up well and entrusted their chances of victory to the speed of the

Williams brothers

who, again, shared minutes after both leaving the bench.

Nico got to score a goal, but starting from offside.

Two minutes later, already in 1990, it was


who gave Athletic the victory and buried Sevilla's dreams of being champion.

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