The Grand Prix of Portugal is scheduled for this weekend in Portimão.

Weerplaza will update you on the weather forecast for the third race of the Formula 1 season.

While a small rain shower shortly after the start last year caused chaos in Portimão, it will probably remain dry this weekend around the Grand Prix of Portugal.

The sun regularly shines during the free practice sessions on Friday.

There is a moderate northwest wind and the maximum temperature is 19 degrees.

The third free practice on Saturday and also the qualification will take place in similar circumstances.

It remains dry, the sun is shining and it is again about 19 degrees.

The race takes place under a bright spring sun.

Precipitation is not expected and the temperature rises to 20 degrees.

In addition, a moderate northwest wind blows, of wind force 3 to 4.

Timetable GP Portugal:

  • Friday 12.30pm-1.30pm: VT1

  • Friday 4 pm-5pm: VT2

  • Saturday 1 pm-2pm: VT3

  • Saturday 4 pm: Qualification

  • Sunday 4 pm: Race

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