Chinanews client, April 29th, Beijing time on the 29th, after the quarter-finals of the Snooker World Championships, the semi-final matchup was officially released: Bingham vs. Selby, Wilson vs. Murphy.

Murphy is in the game.

Image source: Official Weibo of the World Snooker Championship

  Murphy eliminated the world's No. 1 and champion Trump at 13:11 in the quarter-finals.

After the two stages of the two sides, Trump fell behind 6-10. In the third stage, he grabbed the first two games to narrow the difference.

In the 19th inning, the two men started a safety ball fight around the last red ball. In the end, Murphy scored a difficult corner pocket and cleared the table, 11 to 8.

In the 20th game, the final red ball was also decided. This time Trump pushed it into the bag and continued to control the score difference in 2 innings.

  Returning from the intermission, Trump caught Murphy's turnover with 67 points to chase 10-11, and the latter immediately blasted a 111-pointer, tying the score for the second time since 6-6.

In the 23rd inning, Trump scored 9 points and lost a black ball with a thin cut upper corner pocket. Murphy took a 70-point shot and took the match point first, 12-11.

  In the 24th inning, Murphy was close to overscore, but missed a difficult red ball corner pocket at 62 points. Trump had the opportunity to counter but only scored 14 points and encountered an offensive red ball corner pocket. Afterwards, it proved that this was his last shot of the entire event.

  In another matchup, the last runner-up Karen Wilson defeated Neil Robertson 13:8 with a 2:5 fall in the early stage. After two stages, the two sides battled 8-8. Wilson started the third stage. With 133 points, Robertson had a chance to tie but only scored 23 points. Wilson took a 59-point shot and took the opportunity, and then took another 62 points to extend the score to 11-8.

The fragmentary game was then won by Wilson, who got the match point to enter the halftime with 12-8.

After coming back, Wilson scored 84 points in a single stroke and won five consecutive games in the third stage.

  In the other two games, Selby 13: 3 Williams, Bingham 13: 12 McGill.

In the semifinals, Bingham will face Selby and Wilson will fight Murphy.

The game takes 33 rounds and 17 wins, divided into 3 days and 4 stages.