In the men's long jump final at the Mikio Oda Memorial International Tournament held in Hiroshima City, Daiki Oda jumped 7 meters and 98 centimeters and won the championship.

In addition to Oda, Shotaro Shiroyama, who holds the Japanese record, and Yuki Hashioka, who is second in Japan's history, participated in the men's long jump final.

Oda showed a stable jump of over 7 meters and 70 centimeters in a row from the first jump, and jumped 7 meters and 98 centimeters in a tailwind of 2.4 meters for the fifth time, and Hashioka, who was at the top at that time, It exceeded the record by 1 cm.

Hashioka made a big jump from the 5th and 6th railroad crossings to break the record of Oda, but both became fouls and could not reverse Oda.

In the end, Oda won the championship at 7 meters and 98 centimeters, and Hashioka was second at 7 meters and 97 centimeters.

Shiroyama stayed at 7 meters and 42 centimeters and finished 8th.

Oda "I'm honestly happy"

Oda said, "I'm honestly happy to win the championship. The flow of the game was good and I jumped 7 meters and 79 centimeters in the first run, so I was able to jump all with a margin of mind," recalled the tournament. ..

Regarding Yuki Hashioka, who came in second with a one-centimeter difference, he said, "I'm glad I was able to show my seniors' intentions because he is a junior at university."