China News Service, Dalian, April 29 (Reporter Yang Yi) Zhang Enhua, a famous Chinese football legend and former captain of the Chinese national men's football team, died in Shenzhen on the 29th at the age of 48.

Former national team captain Xu Hong confirmed the news to reporters from

  It is worth mentioning that April 28 is Zhang Enhua’s birthday. That night, he also posted a picture of himself cutting the cake in his circle of friends, and wrote, "Thanks to fellow brothers, thanks to the team, Shenzhen set sail!"

  Zhang Enhua was born in Dalian, Liaoning Province in April 1973.

As a national football player, he has played for the former Dalian Shide, Tianjin Master Kong, Hong Kong South China Club and so on.

Zhang Enhua spent most of his career in Dalian Shide and his predecessor, Dalian Wanda. He was the main defender of Dalian Shide and one of the main contributors to Dalian's "seven crowns" and multiple cup championships.

  In 1996, Zhang Enhua was selected for the national team and played for the Chinese men's football team led by Milutinovic in the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan. He represented the national team in 59 games and scored 5 goals.

  After retiring, Zhang Enhua also studied abroad, once entered the Villarreal coaching staff, and once became the hope of a young Chinese football coach.

In December 2016, the Shenzhen Kaisa Football Club issued an announcement to hire Zhang Enhua as the Shenzhen Kaisa team leader and Chinese coach to assist the head coach Mr. Eriksson to lead the team.

  The death of Zhang Enhua made many football players and fans grief.

Many fans have left messages on social media to express their grief.

"May there be football in heaven, big black brothers, go all the way!" "I can't believe that his departure is a loss for Chinese football!"

  Zhang Jiashu, executive member of the Chinese Football Association and former deputy general manager of Dalian Wanda Football Club, said that he is very sorry and very sad!

Zhang Jiashu recalled that in recent years, he enthusiastically participated in activities such as the signing of the Asian Cup bid for the international football team, the Super League of fans, and the opening of the international football Avenue of Stars. Every time, he sincerely interacted with the fans and showed his deep love for Chinese football.

  "It's a pity!" Regarding Zhang Enhua's death, the former national team captain Xu Hong said that he really wanted to do something for the country and Dalian's football.

  It is reported that on March 6 this year, the famous Chinese football coach Chi Shangbin passed away. On March 12, Zhang Enhua also appeared in Dalian to attend the memorial service of his mentor.