Cristiano Ronaldo is awaiting a claim of 65 million euros.

An American woman is demanding that amount from the star player for an alleged rape in 2009, according to

court documents

, according to

The Mirror


Kathryn Mayorga accuses Ronaldo of raping her in Las Vegas 15 years ago after they met at a nightclub.

Due to a lack of evidence, it never came to a lawsuit.

Ronaldo has always denied the allegations.

In 2010, Mayorga accepted an alleged sum of hush money of $ 375,000 (approximately $ 319,000).

However, in 2018, she claimed that she was actually too mentally unstable at the time to be able to accept that amount.

Her lawyers therefore tried to have that agreement declared invalid.

Now Mayorga is demanding a total amount of 65 million euros from Ronaldo.

Of that, more than 20 million would be for pain suffered in the past, more than 20 million for future consequences and another 20 million as penance.

Mayorga's lawyers claim to have sixty witnesses they want to bring before.

Among them three police officers, Ronaldo's agent and Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli.