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If all goes well, which is saying a lot in this strange time of pandemic,

Real Madrid

played their last European game at the

Alfredo Di Stéfano

. The Madrid sports city has lived up the roller coaster that


team has been

in the continental tournament. He got off to a bad start, falling to


, but recovered to beat




and host Atalanta in the round of 16. The superiority against the Italians and against Liverpool was not repeated against Chelsea in the first leg of a historic semi-final,

the fourth for Zidane

and the

ninth in eleven seasons

for the whole of Chamartín. Di Stéfano's Madrid added one less semifinal, 8 in 11 courses between 55-56 and 65-66, but six titles, the last one already without 'La Saeta'.

The regularity of this decade is marked by a


in which pieces have been entering and leaving and only

Sergio Ramos, Nacho, Benzema and Marcelo


. The Brazilian suffered tonight. In autumn reality passed him by, he started in the defeat against Shakhtar, his only match in the current Champions League, and he disappeared from the line-ups until in recent weeks he has returned as an emergency lace. Against Chelsea, he recovered that relationship he has with the European Cup:

99 games

, a goal in the 2014 final, assistance in 2017 and two goals in 2018. He was a substitute in the round of 16 against Ajax in 2019 and against City last year, so

their last appearance in a continental knockout round dates back to 3-1 in Kiev

. A time that took its toll.


Benzema's 1-1

, who gave directions to


, the full-

back talked for half a minute with Zidane


Most of the visiting attacks came from his wing and the coach was desperate.

Conversation ended and mutual assent, Marcelo

continued and suffered the rhythm of the tournament until minute 76


"In the first 45 minutes

we started with a proposal that did not come out.


did not choose the rhythm of the game

, we have to adapt to what we have. We are fine and we are calm,


admitted the Brazilian after the game.

"We are more than 25 players and

we are all here to help

, we all work.

We went out with our heads up. "

Zidane's talks

The exchange of words with the defender was

Zidane's second long talk in the game


The first had come after

Pulisic's 0-1


The Gaul put his hand to his head and turned to look at the bench.

There was


, who got up and debated with him for a long minute.

Gestures with the hands indicating areas of the field, shrugged shoulders of the assistant and a final order to





Strong until the end

! ”, The coach could be heard under the dense storm.

In the stands,

Sergio Ramos

acted as captain: «Trust!

Up! ”He repeated throughout the crash.

The Andalusian praised



, cheered by those present after several defensive actions.


Fuck him

!", Encouraged the Brazilian, turned into leader of the defense.

For the second half, after

Ramos and Lucas

took advantage of the break to speak with several managers, a new

Zidane-Bettoni arrived


They both stood talking for a minute until a name came from the assistant: "



Hazard was Madrid's first change.

Asensio and Odriozola

also entered

, to which

Benzema and Casemiro

asked for calm several times.

Zidane sat Karim in 1990, but not before saying something in his ear.

In a week, the unknown (for Madrid)

Stamford Bridge


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