As an activity to realize the concept of "diversity and harmony" of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, Chairman Hashimoto of the Games Organizing Committee exchanged opinions with members of organizations engaged in activities to broaden understanding of sexual minorities. In, a request was made, "I want you to promote understanding in the sports world."

To achieve one of the concepts of the Tokyo Organizing Committee, diversity and harmony, the Organizing Committee is focusing on efforts such as increasing the number of female directors and setting up a gender equality promotion team.

On the 27th, as part of that activity, Chairman Hashimoto visited a facility in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo that disseminates information in order to broaden his understanding of sexual minorities, and exchanged opinions with nine members of the organizations that are active there. ..

Participants requested that the volunteers of the competition be trained on sexual minorities and that they should cooperate with each sports organization to promote understanding in the sports world.

In response, Chairman Hashimoto responded, "When I look back at the Tokyo Games, I must carry out activities that seem to have been a turning point in my understanding of diversity."

The Organizing Committee will continue to promote activities, such as starting a new initiative to have athletes and sponsor companies make "declarations" toward the realization of a diverse society.