The KNVB has recently started a policy plan to tackle online racism and discrimination in Dutch football.

The national football association will have a conversation with Facebook about this theme next month.

All football clubs from England recently announced that they will shut down their accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram this weekend.

The clubs want these platforms to do more to tackle online racism and discrimination.

Football players in England are increasingly faced with this, the clubs conclude.

They already called on social media in February via an open letter to take action after a wave of racist incidents on social media.

The German club 1899 Hoffenheim announced on Monday that it would follow the English example and boycott social media for a number of days.

KNVB has already launched an attack plan

The KNVB already launched the attack plan 'Our football belongs to everyone' last year, which contains twenty elements to tackle racism and discrimination.

The union has been working on this for quite some time.

The KNVB also has an eye for the online approach.

Together with the government and professional football clubs, the association wants to investigate the extent of online racism in Dutch football.

Based on this, a joint policy plan must be drawn up for the approach.

The KNVB itself is already a bit further in the approach to racist and discriminatory reactions that enter its own social media channels.

The union wants to tackle this more sharply and has presented the possibilities for this to various social interest groups.

There is currently no question of a boycott of social media, as in the United Kingdom, in the Netherlands.

"The boycott in the United Kingdom comes after a long history of incidents and discussions with social media companies that have not yielded the desired result. The boycott is now being used as the last step," said a spokesperson for the KNVB.