A para-swimming test tournament was held in Tokyo to confirm the operation method of the Tokyo Paralympic Games, and while corona measures were taken assuming the actual performance, measuring equipment was tested and the progress of the competition was confirmed.

While the state of emergency was declared, the para-swimming test tournament held without spectators was held at the "Tokyo Aquatics Center", which is the actual venue, after taking measures against infection such as PCR tests and body temperature checks of athletes in advance. It was held in.

Fifty athletes participated, and while actually racing, confirmation of the progress of the competition such as carrying the athlete's wheelchair and testing of measuring equipment were carried out, and the transportation procedure of the athlete using the bus was also confirmed. It means that.

In addition, in anticipation of the actual performance, face-to-face interviews were conducted between the press and athletes while maintaining a distance of 2 meters, and online interviews were conducted in a separate room.

Keiichi Kimura, who has been appointed as the representative of the Tokyo Paralympics, said, "Since it is important to be able to hold the event safely and securely, I felt that it was important to build a track record in the declaration of emergency."

Yasuo Mori, Deputy Director of the Organizing Committee Tournament Management Bureau, said, "Since there are scenes where athletes are asked to take different measures from the previous tournament by taking measures against the new corona, such as thoroughly separating the flow lines, we test in various competitions. I want to build up one by one while doing this. "