Good afternoon and welcome to our Eredivisie live blog.

Among other things, the top match between Ajax and AZ is on the program.

When they win, the team from Amsterdam is unofficially champion.

We will keep you informed in our live blog.

  • LIVE:

  • 4.45 pm: Feyenoord-Vitesse


  • 4.45 pm: FC Twente-FC Utrecht


  • Rash:

  • Ajax-AZ 2-0

  • ADO-Fortuna 0-3

  • FC Emmen-Heracles 3-1

Feyenoord-Vitesse · in 3 days

35 'Diemers lost possession of the ball in midfield.

Tannane takes advantage and puts Onana in position, after which Bijlow is unable to keep the Belgian from scoring for the first time this afternoon.

Ajax-AZ · in 3 days

The fans who were allowed to be there this afternoon in the Johan Cruijff ArenA fell with their noses in the butter.



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Avatar Author AFC Ajax Moment of places 14: 55 - April 25, 2021

Feyenoord-Vitesse · in 3 days

30 'What an enormous opportunity Berghuis just got to open the score.

The captain turns up in front of Vitesse's goal after a Senesi cross, but seems to be scared and shoots wildly wide.

FC Twente-FC Utrecht · in 3 days

28 'GOAL FC Twente!


To the enthusiasm of the audience, the home team opens the score.

Danilo, whose production has dried up considerably after the winter break, hits close after a cross from Narsingh.

Feyenoord-Vitesse · in 3 days

The difference between Vitesse and Feyenoord is two points in favor of the Arnhem team, who are currently fourth.

That place entitles you to a European ticket at the end of the ride, while the number five still has to compete for it via the play-offs.

in 3 days

Feyenoord-Vitesse · in 3 days

21 'Again Openda gets the chance to give Vitesse the lead from the switch.

Bijlow reacts thoughtfully to a shot from the Belgian into the short corner.

Feyenoord-Vitesse · in 3 days

12 'The ball is in possession for Feyenoord in the opening phase, although Vitesse creates the most danger from the counter.

First, Wittek puts Bijlow to the test, after which Openda also bumps into the keeper of the Rotterdammers.

Ajax-AZ · in 3 days

Klaassen: 'If this still goes wrong, I will stop'

Davy Klaassen knows that thanks to his two goals against AZ, Ajax can now really prepare for the 35th national title.

"If this still goes wrong, I think I will stop playing," he told



"AZ is a good team and they played under our pressure in the first half, but after the break we were very strong and then they couldn't get out. I actually always have the idea that we are fitter than the opponent, even today weather."

FC Twente-FC Utrecht · in 3 days

1 'The audience also sees the ball rolling in the Grolsch Veste.

For both teams, placement for the European play-offs is the bet.

Feyenoord-Vitesse · in 3 days

1 'You could also hear a game in De Kuip during the minute of silence for Willy van der Kuijlen.

Feyenoord and Vitesse have started the game, with the important fourth place in the Eredivisie as a preliminary bet.

in 3 days

Ajax-AZ · in 3 days

Stengs: "Keep fighting for second place"

Calvin Stengs thinks that AZ would have done more if the team had been sharper at the important moment.

"We were given space and also created opportunities," says the attacker at ESPN.

"You have to use it. We didn't and I blame myself for that. It's all about the details. After that goal, we didn't do anything at all. I don't know how that is possible, we couldn't put any pressure on anymore. Then we just have to keep fighting for second place. "

Ajax-AZ · in 3 days

Ajax is unofficial champion with a 12-point lead and a positive goal difference of 33 goals against PSV.

Officially, the club will need one point next week to conquer the 35th national title.

Or loss of points from PSV.

The score:

1. Ajax 30-76 (89-21)

2. PSV 30-64 (65-30)

3. AZ 30-61 (66-40)

Ajax-AZ · in 3 days


Ajax wins 2-0 and is unofficial champion of the Netherlands.

After last week's cup win, Ajax now also has the 35th national title for 99.9 percent.

Davy Klaassen ensures with two goals that the top match against AZ is decided in Amsterdam's favor.

Ajax-AZ · in 3 days

90 'GOAL Ajax!


There is still the final decision and again it is Klaassen who scores.

The midfielder hits the far post after a corner from Gravenberch.

Bizot, the star on AZ's side, also has no chance this time.

ADO Den Haag-Fortuna Sittard · in 3 days

Ended: 0-3

Even the most optimistic ADO supporter will not expect the team to play in the Eredivisie next season.

After a hopeless defeat against Fortuna, the gap with the number sixteen with only four games to go is eight points.

ADO is in a deep crisis, both financially and sportingly.

in 3 days

Ajax-AZ · in 3 days

85 'Brobbey enters the field with five minutes to play.

The attacker will leave Ajax after this season after he refused to renew his contract and the public clearly shows what it thinks.

Brobbey almost immediately gets his gram with a goal, but this time too Bizot stands in the way.

Ajax-AZ · in 3 days

83 'There was almost the second goal for Klaassen.

With a great save, Bizot ensures that AZ can still keep hoping for a point.

ADO Den Haag-Fortuna Sittard · in 3 days

84 'Nijhuis seems to feel sorry for ADO.

The referee is called to the side after a clear handball by the VAR, but does not want to know about a penalty for Fortuna.

Ajax-AZ · in 3 days

79 'Nothing indicates a comeback from AZ in the ArenA.

Ajax has received an enormous boost with the goal from Klaassen and is inciting to deal the final blow to the death.

ADO Den Haag-Fortuna Sittard · in 3 days

77 'GOAL Fortuna!


ADO tries with the courage of despair to make something of it and therefore gives away a lot of space.

Tekie benefits and makes the afternoon before the final of the Eredivisie even more gloomy.

in 3 days

Ajax-AZ · in 3 days

72 'Gudmundsson, the man of the greatest chance for AZ, goes to the side.

Dani de Wit, who acted as a striker for the Dutch Juniors, is his replacement.

Ajax-AZ · in 3 days

With this stand, Ajax is unofficially certain of the national title.

On paper PSV could still come alongside in points, but due to the difference in goal difference, that chance only exists in theory.

Ajax-AZ · in 3 days

66 'GOAL Ajax!


It is Ajax that breaks the spell.

Davy Klaassen, who has a subscription to scoring opening goals, hits after an assist from Tadic.

An important role is also reserved for Haller, who uses a smart block to prevent the pass from being intercepted.

Ajax-AZ · in 3 days

65 'Two changes on the side of Ajax.

Neres replaces his fellow countryman Antony in the front, while Mazraoui comes to relieve Rensch as right back.

Ajax-AZ · in 3 days

62 'There on the other side Haller is close to a goal.

Haller got a free header after a pass from Martínez, but just aimed over.

It is Ajax's greatest chance after the break.

in 3 days

Ajax-AZ · in 3 days

60 'After an hour of play, it is still 0-0 in the Johan Cruijff ArenA.

Boadu thought he would get the chance to change that, but the striker sees that the flag is raised for offside.

FC Twente-FC Utrecht · in 3 days

At 4.45 pm a duel starts in the Grolsch Veste in which everything revolves around qualifying for the play-offs for European football.

These are the lineups of FC Twente and FC Utrecht.

FC Twente line-up:


Ebuehi, Smal, Pierie, Oosterwolde;

Zerrouki, Roemeratoe, Bosch;

Narsingh, Danilo, Many.

Line-up FC Utrecht:


Ter Avest, Van der Maarel, Janssen, Warmerdam;

Maher, Van de Streek, Van Overeem;

Boussaid, Church, Elia.

Ajax-AZ · in 3 days

54 'There AZ surprised Ajax with a corner taken very quickly.

Gudmundsson might look for the far corner a little too quickly and shoot in front.

Feyenoord-Vitesse · in 3 days

Vitesse tries with these players to wash away the hangover of the lost cup final.

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Avatar Author Vitesse Moment of places 13: 42 - April 25, 2021

Ajax-AZ · in 3 days

49 'Almost a dream start for Ajax in the second half.

Tagliafico is played well by Tadic and hits the ball on Bizot's fists.

Ajax-AZ · in 3 days

46 'The second half has also started at the top match in Amsterdam.

ADO Den Haag-Fortuna Sittard · in 3 days

47 'GOAL Fortuna!


The second half has barely started and ADO gets another goal.

It is precisely the experienced Zuiverloon who loses the ball in midfield, after which Flemming delivers the ball tailor-made to Polter, who makes it 0-2.

Feyenoord-Vitesse · in 3 days

At 4.45 pm there is another match with major interests on the menu with Feyenoord-Vitesse.

This is Dick Advocaat's position:


Geertruida, Botteghin, Senesi, Malacia;

Toornstra, Diemers, Kökcü;

Berghuis, Linssen, Sinisterra.

Ajax-AZ · in 3 days

Half time: 0-0

An exciting spectacle in the Johan Cruijff ArenA has not yet been graced with a goal.

Especially Albert Gudmundsson can blame himself for that.

Face to face with Stekelenburg, the Icelander missed the opportunity to give AZ the lead.

ADO Den Haag-Fortuna Sittard · in 3 days

Halftime: 0-1

ADO is not yet trying to grab the last straw in the fight against relegation.

The home team is the parent team, but a moment of inattention was mercilessly punished by Flemming.

Ajax-AZ · in 3 days

42 'A nice free kick from Tadic is turned into a corner by Bizot.

It is finally a moment again for Ajax, which on the other hand, through good intervention by Martínez, escaped a goal against a chance for Martins Indi.

ADO Den Haag-Fortuna Sittard · in 3 days

39 'GOAL Fortuna!


Fortuna opens the score in the Cars Jeans Stadium.

Flemming has been completely overlooked by the ADO defense and can outsmart goalkeeper Fraisl with a well placed shot.

The bottom of the league cannot use this setback in the battle for survival in the Eredivisie.

Ajax-AZ · in 3 days

37 'Boadu hits the grass hard after a tackle on Martínez's ball.

The AZ striker has to go to the side after a treatment, but comes back into the field almost immediately afterwards.

Ajax-AZ · in 3 days

32 'There Gudmundsson misses the opportunity to give AZ the lead.

The Icelander benefits from a slipper from Martínez, but then comes close to Stekelenburg.

It is mainly thanks to the experienced goalkeeper that it is still 0-0 in the ArenA.

Ajax-AZ · in 3 days

29 'AZ is getting bolder and gets another chance at 0-1.

Stengs shoots at the fists of an attentive Stekelenburg.

ADO Den Haag-Fortuna Sittard · in 3 days

25 'Twice the public from The Hague screams for a penalty, but referee Nijhuis does not want to know anything about it.

The bottom of the league of the Eredivisie has not yet managed to turn the many possession of the ball into great opportunities.

Ajax-AZ · in 3 days

24 'For the first time since the opening phase, AZ is coming out well again.

After a cross from Wijndal, Boadu first gets a chance, after which Koopmeiners shoots wide from the rebound.

Ajax-AZ · in 3 days

21 'The chances in the first quarter of the match are for Ajax.

Antony holds the ball well and plays Tagliafico at the right moment, but Letschert prevents the emerging left back from lashing out freely.

Ajax-AZ · in 3 days

20 'AZ is performing excellently this season in top duels, although it does not really want to go smoothly against Ajax (of which both in the cup and in the Eredivisie).

The only season in which Ajax won three times against AZ in all competitions was in 2013/2014.

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