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My name is Lennart Klem and I will keep you informed about the transactions in Liège-Bastogne-Liège here.

Lots of fun!

  • Men on the go

  • Finish around 5pm

  • Women:

  • Vollering wins

a few seconds ago

Demi Vollering can look back on a beautiful spring:

The results of top cyclist Demi Vollering in 2021 😯👏🏻Luik-Bastogne-Liège: 1st Walloon Arrow: 10thAmstel Gold Race: 2ndBrabant Arrow: 2ndRound of Flanders: 5thStrade Bianche: 6thOmloop Het Nieuwsblad: 13th #LBL # LBL21 #LBLwomen


Author Tim van Dijk Moment of places 10:55 - April 25, 2021

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This is the top ten for women:

#LBLWomen - Top 10


Avatar Author La Flamme Rouge Moment of Places 10:48 - April 25, 2021

a few seconds ago

She doesn't win herself, but Anna van der Breggen certainly deserves a lot of compliments for her race today.

She drove full throttle for Vollering and was rewarded, because her teammate finished by winning.

a few seconds ago

Vollering: "This is really great"

"This is great. The whole team has done so well and that I can finish it is really great", a visibly emotional Demi Vollering said after the race.

"I am so happy that the team and especially Anna van der Breggen worked like this for me. This is really a dream. I really love this race. I was very happy that we could release Marianne Vos, because with her you sprint anyway rather not."

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago

And another Dutch winner in Liège!

Cycling🚴 - Demi Vollering is the 4th 🇳🇱 winner of Liège-Bastogne-Liège in the women in all five editions: 2021 - DEMI VOLLERING🇳🇱2020 - Lizzy Deignan🇬🇧2019 - Annemiek van Vleuten🇳🇱2018 - Anna van der Breggen 🇳🇱2017 - Anna van der Breggen🇳🇱 #LBL


Avatar AuthorGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of places10: 46 - April 25, 2021

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So the 24-year-old Demi Vollering.

She already finished second in the Amstel Gold Race, but is now the best.

It is her first big win.

In 2019 she was number three in Liège.

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The sprint - with a winning Vollering - in pictures.


🚴 |

@demivollering wins Liège-Bastogne-Liège!

What a teamwork from @teamsdworx #LBL #LBLWomen # LBL2021


Avatar Author Eurosport Netherlands Moment of places 10: 43 - April 25, 2021

a few seconds ago

The moment Vollering jubilantly crosses the line:

Demi Vollering wins the first big classic with a huge thank you to Anna van der Breggen. The age of Anna ends, the age of Demi has started


Author José BeenMoment of places10: 42 - April 25, 2021

a few seconds ago

Demi Vollering is the best in the sprint!

The Dutch registers her first major victory in her career.

She completes the team game with Anna van der Breggen and beats Annemiek van Vleuten (second) and Elisa Longo Borghini (third).

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago

Women's finish - Demi Vollering wins Liège-Bastogne-Liège!

a few seconds ago

Another 700 meters for the women - 

It seems to be a sprint!

a few seconds ago

Another 1 km for the women - The last kilometer! 

Van der Breggen still leads the dance.

What will the other four do in a minute?

a few seconds ago

Another 2 km for the women - 

We are almost at the finish!

Van der Breggen is still the pace in the leading group.

Will there be another attack or is a sprint inevitable?

2 minutes ago

Another 4 km for the women - 

The tension is visible in the leading group.

People are already looking at each other, but Van der Breggen still continues to lead the way.

2 minutes ago

4 minutes ago

Another 5.5 km for the women - 

The same picture still remains: Van der Breggen is in the lead and the other four women follow.

Will there be another attack or are we going to sprint for the win in Liège?

6 minutes ago

Another 7 km for the women - 

Van der Breggen is still in the lead of the leading group.

Can Vollering finish the team game in the same way?

Van Vleuten, Longo Borghini and Niewiadoma are waiting for the time being ...

7 minutes ago

Another 8.5 km with the women - 

Vos is in the second group with two other women, but the gap on the leading group is already approaching half a minute.

That seems like a hopeless story.

8 minutes ago

Another 9 km for the women - 

Van der Breggen sacrifices himself and rides in the lead of the front group of five.

She does this for Vollering.

Van Vleuten, Longo Borghini and Niewiadoma follow in the wheel.

11 minutes ago

Another 10.5 km for the women - 

Leading group of five now: Van Vleuten, Van der Breggen, Vollering, Elisa Longo Borghini and Katarzyna Niewiadoma.

11 minutes ago

12 minutes ago

Another 11 km for the women - 

Van Vleuten really shows himself there.

The European champion accelerates and immediately gets world champion Van der Breggen in the wheel.

Fox has to pass again.

13 minutes ago

Another 11.5 km for the women -

 Vos is back!

She benefits from dawdling in the leading group and reconnects.

We now have eight women in the front, with all the Dutch favorites: Vos, Van Vleuten, Vollering and Van der Breggen.

15 minutes ago

Another 12 km for the women - 

Vos is not without a chance, because the gap is not very great.

A lot of attention is now being paid to each other in the leading group.

The question is why, because nobody wants to have Vos back in the group.

16 minutes ago

Another 13 km for the women - 

Vos is now creaking, just before the top.

The Dutch now sees the other favorites drive away very quickly.

In any case, Van der Breggen and Van Vleuten come up together.

Vollering is also included.

17 minutes ago

Another 13.5 km for the women - 

Van der Breggen continues fully, but the other favorites can still come along.

17 minutes ago

19 minutes ago

Another 14 km for the women - 

Van der Breggen sets the pace on this final climb and that results in a lot of victims.

Vos, Vollering and Van Vleuten are still there.

21 minutes ago

Another 14.5 km for the women - 

We start on the Côte de la Roche-aux-Faucons (1.3 km at 11 percent) and that is the final climb of this Liège-Bastogne-Liège!

For now we still have a fairly large peloton with all the favorites ...

26 minutes ago

Another 19 km with the women - 

The pursuers come back and grab the three women who were in the lead.

The final of this Liège-Bastogne-Liège is now really starting!

32 minutes ago

Another 23 km for the women - 

These three women - Lucinda Brand, Ashleigh Moolman Pasio and Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig - are running a bit more and now have a lead of half a minute on the group of pursuers.

In the second group, servants of Van Vleuten (Movistar) are in the lead.

35 minutes ago

Another 24 km with the women -

The chasing group can almost run into the three women in front.

The margin is only ten seconds.

The Dutch favorites are well on their way.

40 minutes ago

Another 190 km for the men -

 It is also a quiet day for Primoz Roglic.

The defending champion will show himself later in the afternoon, because he is again a big contender to win in Liège.

43 minutes ago

Another 30 km with the women - 

Brand is now in the leading group with Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio and Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig.

Their lead over the pursuers is 22 counts.

In that group behind that are all the favorites for the win today.

an hour ago

Another 33 km for the women - 

Lucinda Brand is now in a leading group of three and behind it Marianne Vos accelerates.

However, the winner of the Amstel Gold Race is soon caught by the chasing group, including Van Vleuten and Van der Breggen.

an hour ago

Another 35 km for the women - 

The race really starts now!

After an attack from the peloton, big names such as Van der Breggen and Van Vleuten react.

an hour ago

Another 200 km with the men - 

It will take a while before the race starts to ignite.

That is why Alaphilippe, here in his rainbow jersey, can ride around in the peloton in peace.

an hour ago

Another 39 km for the women - 

Fisher-Black was just in the leading group of seven and is now alone in the lead for the women again.

The lead over the peloton is anything but great at ten seconds.

an hour ago

Another 45 km for the women - 

The Dutch favorites have not really shown themselves yet, but that was not necessary either.

In other words: Annemiek van Vleuten, Anna van der Breggen, Marianne Vos and Demi Vollering are still in the peloton.

an hour ago

Another 48 km for the women - 

That leading group of seven for the women has again been caught by the peloton.

It is now restless in the front, because the necessary riders want to leave the large group.

an hour ago

Another 60 km for the women - 

We are slowly moving towards the final of this spring classic.

There is now a leading group of seven, with the Dutch Anouska Koster.

🏁 60 km7️⃣ coureuses ont désormais pris les devants: 7️⃣ riders now took the lead: 🇳🇿 @ N_FisherBlack🇺🇸 @ TaylerWiles🇦🇺 @ lucyjkenn🇳🇱 @ anouskakoster🇨🇭Élise Chabbey🇺🇸Leah ​​Thomas🇦🇺 @ Brodie_Mai #LBLwomen


Author Liège-Bastogne-Liège Moment of places 09: 13 - 25 April 2021

an hour ago

Another 225 km for the men - 

Jumbo-Visma, Deceuninck-Quick-Step and UAE Team Emirates now determine the pace in the peloton for the men.

The leading group of seven still has a lead of more than ten minutes.

At UAE, Tadej Pogacar and Marc Hirschi are the leaders.

It was still uncertain whether they were allowed to start within the team because of a previous corona infection, but that was eventually possible.

2 hours ago

Another 237 km for the men -

 The seven leaders really get all the space.

The lead increases to nine minutes.

These are the names from the leading group: Huys, Vliegen, Rota, Chernetskiy, Marczynski, Van Poucke and the Dutchman Paaschens.

2 hours ago

Another 75 km for the women - 

The necessary developments: Faber and Zanardi have been taken back and now Niamh Fisher-Black is in the lead.

However, her margin on the peloton is minimal.

🏁 75 km to go: We have a very fast race now!

@N_FisherBlack is leading by a few seconds over a first reduced bunch as we cross the top of Cote de la Haute-Levée - the 2nd ⛰ of the day.



Avatar Author UCI_WWTMoment of places08: 46 - April 25, 2021

2 hours ago

Where are Mathieu van der Poel and Wout van Aert today?

Well, not in Liege, anyway.

The Dutch and the Belgian are currently preparing for other things.

Van der Poel, sixth last year, focuses on mountain biking and Van Aert is already focusing on preparing for the Tour de France.

We will not see both gentlemen in the final of Liège-Bastogne-Liège.

2 hours ago

Another 245 km with the men - 

We have a leading group!

The margin on the peloton is also considerable: 3.45 minutes.

These are the seven names: Laurens Huys, Loïc Vliegen, Lorenzo Rota, Sergey Chernetskiy, Tomasz Marczynski, Aaron Van Poucke and the Dutchman Mathijs Paaschens.

2 hours ago

Another 80 km for the women - 

Faber and Zanardi now have a nice margin.

The peloton is three minutes from the Luxembourg and the Italian.

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