In the end, Dirk Zingler turned directly to Florentino Pérez again.

The President of Real Madrid, who recently announced that the only way to keep his club alive was through the Super League.

Zingler wrote: "Dear Señor Pérez, do not be afraid: The well-bred football monsters, which can only be saved with 3.5 billion euros from a Super League, have to die before they completely devour the most beautiful sport in the world."

A clear statement by the president of the Bundesliga soccer team Union Berlin, who in his guest article in the “Berliner Zeitung” spoke out in favor of upper limits and the preservation of the 50 + 1 rule in view of the reform in the Champions League and the initially failed Super League.

"Lid on it!

Transfer fees, player salaries, consultant fees - upper limits on spending can help us to escape the deadly growth spiral, "wrote Zingler," the 50 + 1 rule prevents the unlimited influence of shareholders and is an asset worth protecting when you think about football for people organized."

"Deadly growth spiral": Dirk Zingler, President of 1. FC Union

Source: Niels Starnick / BILD

Zingler wants to rethink professional football


The fight against the takeover of the clubs by investors and the preservation of the rule is a top priority for Zingler.

“The growing pressure to abolish them is due to the need for more and more money.

If we can get this demand under control by capping the financial flows, we will save our football, ”wrote the 56-year-old, who has been president of the club since 2004.

Zingler insists on setting up new principles: "We remove the basis from constantly striving for new sources of income by giving ourselves sensible rules."