The "Japan Para Tournament", where top track and field athletes aiming for the Tokyo Paralympics will gather, will open on the 24th, and will be the final stage where the abilities of athletes who are expected to win medals in the actual performance will be tested.

The "Japan Para Tournament," one of the highest para-athletics tournaments in Japan, will be held in Takamatsu City for two days from the 24th, and 12 athletes who have been nominated to represent the Tokyo Paralympics will participate.

On the 24th of the first day, wheelchair class ace Tomoki Sato will participate in the 400m and 1500m, which he holds the world record for himself. Sato, who is aiming for the gold medal of the Tokyo Paralympics in this second event, aims to break the world record at the last big tournament before the performance.

In the flower-shaped men's 100-meter artificial limbs class, 26-year-old Shunsuke Itani, who has kept the Asian record for more than two years, and 21-year-old Kengo Oshima, who broke the record of Itani at 0.01, faced each other directly in March. , The one who wins will be closer to participating in the Tokyo Paralympics.

In addition, Chiaki Takada, who is blind in the women's long jump and visually impaired class in 4th place in the world championship, 400 meters for women, Rio de Janeiro Paralympics bronze medalist Sae Tsuji in the class with disabilities, Paralympic in the men's gunball class In 4 tournaments, 72-year-old veteran player Toshie Oi and other talented players will appear one after another.

In addition, Momoka Muraoka, who won five medals including a gold medal in the Alpine skiing of the Pyonchan Paralympics, will participate in the women's 100-meter, wheelchair class, etc., and will challenge the two-sword style of summer and winter.

The representatives of the Tokyo Paralympics are scheduled to be selected based on the world rankings as of April 1, but apart from that, the players who set the record equivalent to the top prizes of the world championships have a chance to be unofficially decided. Therefore, it is expected that the players who are aiming for the new national team will work hard.

The tournament will be held without spectators to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus, and the competition will be broadcast on YouTube, a video posting site, from 10 am.