After the aggression of so-called fans on the night of relegation, Schalke sports director Peter Knäbel understands players who do not want to compete for the Gelsenkirchen team again this season.

"If someone doesn't want to play the remaining four games for Schalke, I can live with this position," "Bild" quotes Knäbel.

One-on-one interviews would be held with each player.

It is asked "what got stuck" and help is offered.

Schalke does not have to play this weekend, as opponents Hertha BSC are in team quarantine due to corona cases.

The other opponents are Hoffenheim, Frankfurt and Cologne.

According to the report, Schalke is also said to have asked for police protection for the training units and increased their own security guards.

"We will train with increased attention," said Knäbel.

Eggs flew, players were kicked


The relegation of Schalke was sealed by a 0: 1 (0: 0) at Arminia Bielefeld on Tuesday evening. The team reached their home arena at around 1.30 a.m. According to the police, the team was received by 500 to 600 supporters and sometimes confronted with "massive aggression". Eggs flew, players fled and there should have been kicks against professionals. The Gelsenkirchen police want to investigate the events with an investigative commission.

Team coordinator Gerald Asamoah makes it clear how threatening the attack by the so-called supporters was: “I'm still not feeling well. I have two images in my head. How an employee lies on the floor and is kicked. And the fear in the eyes of Mike Büskens (

assistant trainer, d. Ed.

) ”, Asamoah said.