On the evening of April 22, Chongqing's 4th Senior Citizens' Fitness Games kicked off.

The opening ceremony of the Old Games is full of enthusiasm. Like other large-scale sports games, the entrance of the national flag, the entrance of the flag and emblem, the entrance of athlete representatives, the flag raising ceremony, the oath ceremony of athletes and referees, theatrical performances, and the torch lighting ceremony There are a lot of things.

  Lin Tianzhong and Xiao Xiaoling, who have won the global Chinese badminton competition champion, served as torchbearers and jointly lit the electronic main torch of the Old Games.

78-year-old Lin Tianzhong and 74-year-old Xiao Xiaoling are both suffering from cancer, but they face life with a smile, insist on physical exercise 3 days a week, and have won the national senior badminton championship many times as a couple.

  The current old games will last 3 months, with a total of air volleyball, softball, gateball, table tennis, fitness ball exercises, Tai Chi, Chinese chess, walking with sticks, badminton, aerobics dancing, tennis, Fishing and other 12 competitions that the elderly love to see, the total number of athletes reaches more than 4,000.

  (Reporter Xiao Jiangchuan)

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]