These are fantastic days for the volleyball association Hylte / Halmstad.

Yesterday the ladies took the Swedish Championship gold when they defeated Engelholm in the decisive final match and today the men secured the gold when they also won the second final match.

It is the first time in 33 years and the fifth time through the ages that the same association takes both Swedish Championship titles.

Sweden's most deserving volleyball player on the men's side, 38-year-old Marcus Nilsson, thus took his first Swedish Championship gold in his career.

The veteran was also the best scorer with 18 points in the home arena.

The Brazilian Pedro Mendes also stood for a unique achievement when he took two Swedish Championship golds in two days.

This is because he is the coach for the ladies who won yesterday.

He has also previously taken two Swedish Championship golds as a player with the final opponent Falkenberg.

The Swedish Championship gold is Hylte / Halmstad's ninth on the men's side.

In the basic series, they were second behind Sollentuna, which they later knocked out in the semifinals.