Next month, top athletes from Japan, such as the 100-meter men's Yoshihide Kiryu, will participate in the athletics test tournament of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics to be held at the National Stadium on May 9.

According to the people concerned, the event is being considered for non-audience in consideration of the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

The Olympic test tournament is held at the actual venue of each competition in order to confirm the operation procedure and the tasks.

On May 9th, a tournament in which overseas athletes also participate is scheduled for track and field, and the Japan Association of Athletics Federations has announced some athletes for 17 events including men and women in which top athletes participate. ..

Among them, in the men's 100 meters, in addition to Kiryu who has a record of 9 seconds 98, Yuki Koike, Aska Cambridge and Shuhei Tada who are also in the 9 seconds range will participate.

In addition, Hitomi Niiya, who has been nominated for the women's 10,000 meters, and Ririka Hironaka, who is aiming to participate in the Olympics, are scheduled to participate in the women's 5000 meters.

The test tournament will be divided into a part from the morning and a part from the evening assuming the actual performance, and the part from the evening will be held as an international tournament where you can get many points that lead to the world ranking. ..

According to the people involved in the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Games, the Tokyo Organizing Committee is considering holding the event without spectators because the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will request the government to declare an emergency due to the spread of the new corona infection. It means that it is.

On the other hand, the Japan Association of Athletics Federations is currently preparing for the players who are planning to participate from overseas on the premise of participating.