The victory of British newspapers after the clubs' withdrawal from the European Super League

British newspapers won today, Wednesday, after the six major clubs in England announced their decision to withdraw from the European Super League.

The "Daily Mail" newspaper described the past days as a "civil football war" which ended after the owners of wealthy clubs felt ashamed of the fans, players and politicians.

The headline was "Defeating Greed".

The Ay newspaper mentioned the fall as a "reverse goal."

The Mirror newspaper reported: "A criminal movement against the fans."

"The Sun" simulated the chants of the fans in football matches with the words "In your health! In your health! In your health" on its front page, describing the change from the heart of clubs as "a great victory for the football fans."

The "Daily Star" newspaper reported that club owners "had their knees shivering severely."

She highlighted the united sentiment over the past few days, adding: "Chelsea and Manchester City withdrew from the European Super League after the owners made the impossible by uniting the players, coaches, kings and the whole world against their greed."

Other newspapers kept the status quo on the news, with the Daily Express and The Times simply commenting: "The collapse of the European Super League."

Most of the newspapers had referred only to the withdrawal of Chelsea and Manchester City and the resignation of Ed Woodward, executive vice president of Manchester United, instead of referring to the withdrawal of the six clubs due to the deadlines for issuing the newspapers.

The rest of the clubs, including Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool, announced their withdrawal from the European Super League after the English newspapers were published.

However, newspapers updated topics on this matter on their websites after the announcement.

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