Ryoyu Kobayashi, who updated the total number of Japanese men's wins to 19 at the Ski Jumping Men's World Cup, looked back on the season and said, "I had a lot of disappointing matches, but I had a lot of harvest. I want to win a gold medal at the Beijing Olympics." I talked about my enthusiasm for next season as early as possible.

The ski jumping boys, Japanese ace, and Kobayashi couldn't improve in the first half of the World Cup this season, but in the final stage, they recovered to the podium for four consecutive races and won three wins in the World Cup. Noriaki Kasai was overtaken by the number of wins, and the total number of wins was 19 which is the highest number among Japanese men.

Kobayashi responded to an online interview in Sapporo, where his team is located.

In this, he recalled, "The first half was a very disappointing match, but in the second half, I was mentally calm and was able to entangle well with the jump and recover. It was a season with a lot of harvest."

Regarding the renewal of the highest number of wins for Japanese men, he said, "I have come to this point by accumulating 1 win and 1 win, so I will continue to make efforts to win."

After that, he said with enthusiasm for next year's Beijing Olympics, "I just want to jump myself, so I want to review the jump from 1 and win the gold medal in the summer."

Kobayashi plans to resume jumping practice in May.