Screenshot of Shi Zhiyong's social media.

  China News Service, April 21. According to the official blog of the Chinese weightlifting team, on the 20th local time, in the weightlifting Asian Championships in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, Chinese player Shi Zhiyong performed steadily and won three gold medals in the men's 73 kg class.

His 169 kg snatch broke the world record of 168 kg he set in 2019, and his 363 kg total score also equaled his own world record for total results.

  In the snatch competition, Shi Zhiyong led the audience with 160 kilograms, and then he successfully lifted 164 kilograms.

In the third hand, Shi Zhiyong directly increased the weight to 169 kg, breaking the world record for this level of snatch.

Previously, the world record for snatch at this level was 168 kilograms set by himself in 2019.

  In the clean and jerk competition, Shi Zhiyong succeeded in driving 190 kilograms and locked the gold medal in the clean and jerk and total score in one fell swoop.

After the second lift of 194 kg, Shi Zhiyong's total score reached 363 kg, tying the world record for the total score.

  After the game, Shi Zhiyong updated his Weibo and said: "Thank the country, the team, and everyone who cares about me, continue to strive for the best, and look forward to the Tokyo Olympics."

  Hearing the name Shi Zhiyong, many weightlifting fans will not feel unfamiliar.

There have been two athletes named Shi Zhiyong in the Chinese men's weightlifting team. One is "Little Shi Zhiyong" who won the Asian Championships. At the same time, he was also the champion of the 69 kg class at the Rio Olympics in 2016.

The other is "Daishi Zhiyong" who won the 62kg champion at the Athens Olympics.

  It is worth mentioning that after the Athens Olympics, Oishi Zhiyong adjusted his level to 69 kg and won the World Championships the following year.

And Xiaoshi Zhiyong also won the championship of this level in the 2015 World Weightlifting Championships.

This is the first time in the history of the World Championships that there are two overall champions with the same name and surname in the same level.

  Before the start of the Asian Championships, the organizers also wrote the birth date of "Little Stone Zhiyong" as October 2, 1980. He was actually born in 1993.

Oishi Zhiyong, the champion of the 2004 Athens Olympics, was born in 1980.