After the bitter consequences of a cruel season, the FC Schalke players quickly disappeared.

After the final whistle in Bielefeld and the relegation, which was sealed on matchday 30, a large part of the team hurried into the catacombs and soon traveled back to Gelsenkirchen, where there were extremely unsightly scenes.

Only Timo Becker was left on the bench after the 0: 1 (0: 0) defeat.

The defender, a talent of the Knappenschmiede and Schalke fan, cried for minutes and shook his head in disbelief.

At some point Becker hid his red eyes under his training jacket.

Shortly thereafter, Gerald Asamoah stepped in front of the Sky microphone.

The ex-professional and today's team manager of the Royal Blues emphasized that he had “seen and experienced a lot”, after all, he had been with the club for over 20 years.

Then the emotions broke out of the 42-year-old.

Gerald Asamoah first left the interior after the 0-1 draw against Bielefeld and then returned for an emotional interview

Source: Pool via REUTERS


“We knew what to expect,” began Asamoah, “but when the time comes, when you notice it's over now - that's brutal”.

He suppressed a few tears and fought to keep his voice from failing altogether.

Sky reporter Ulrich Potofski, born in Gelsenkirchen and a fan of the club, asked why.

Asamoah sharply criticizes professionals

"We have all disappointed, everyone in this team has to question themselves," demanded Asamoah.

After the 0: 4 in Freiburg, a “shitty game”, he expected a reaction and could imagine “how the fans feel”.

Then the anger broke out from the team manager: "If you are bottom of the table and have 13 points, if someone says he gave everything ... then I don't know what I would do with this person."

Timo Becker crouched on the Schalke bench after the final whistle and cried for minutes

Source: dpa / Friso Gentsch

Once on the move, Asamoah sharply criticized the relegated professionals: “The question is whether everyone has understood what kind of club they are actually playing for.” Despite the fall in the 2nd Bundesliga, he was optimistic.

"We are ready and know what to expect."


Sevilla FC also sent encouraging words.

In grammatically incorrect German, the Spanish club tweeted after the final whistle in Bielefeld: “You have to stick together, especially in dark times.

Buddy, drive out of the shaft soon.

Good luck for!"

The tweet was in response to “Hurts more than expected. Shit! ”Of FC Schalke itself. Schalke and Sevilla have been friends since a duel in the semi-finals of the 2006 Uefa Cup.