Six games were played in professional baseball, and in the Central League, the leader Hanshin lost to the second-place giant, and Hanshin's winning streak stopped at eight.

This is the Central League.

Giants vs. Hanshin, Giants won 3-2.

As for the giant, Kazuma Okamoto hit a home run of No. 2 solo in the 2nd inning of 0 to 2 and a home run of No. 3 in the 4th inning and 2 at-bats in a row to catch up with the tie. I won.

Starting pitcher Hatake is the second win with two goals in the sixth inning.

Hanshin took the lead with two home runs at a time, but after the second inning, it was limited to two hits and the winning streak stopped at eight.

Hiroshima vs. Yakult drew 1: 1.

Yakult took the lead in the 6th inning with Aoki's timely goal, but Hiroshima caught up with Aizawa's sacrifice fly.

Pitcher Kuribayashi, the fourth-ranked rookie in the draft in Hiroshima, held down nine innings and scored no goals in ten consecutive games since the opening.

In DeNA vs. Chunichi, Chunichi won 7 to 1.

In the 4th inning, Chunichi took the lead with 5 points in Abe's No. 1 three-run, and added 1 point each in the 8th and 9th innings.

Starting pitcher Katsuno scored his second win with a good pitching of one goal in the seventh inning.

In DeNA, starting pitcher Irie scored 5 goals in the 4th inning and lost 4th.

The team has lost nine games in a row with two draws in between.

This is the Pacific League.

In Softbank vs. Rakuten, Softbank won 4 to 1.

In the 3rd inning, Gracial and Kurihara scored 3 points in a row, and in the 7th inning, Gracial added 1 point in a timely manner.

Starting pitcher Wada is the second win with one goal in the middle of the sixth inning.

Softbank has won three straight games with a draw in between.

Rakuten scored only Okajima's solo home run with five hits.

Lotte vs. Nippon-Ham, Lotte won 6-5.

Lotte returned 3 points in the 7th inning of 0 to 5 and Yasuda's No. 4 Touran, and then closed the gap by 1 point in the 8th inning.

In the 9th inning, Oka hit a reversal No. 2 Touran with 2 outs and 1st base to win the goodbye.

Lotte has won 6 straight wins with a draw in between.

Nippon-Ham lost three games in a row without taking advantage of pitcher Ito's good pitching.

In Orix vs. Seibu, Orix won 4-2.

Orix won the No. 1 Touran of Mune in the 6th inning to chase 1 point and the 7th inning with Jones' timely two base.

Starting pitcher Yamamoto is the third win with two goals in the eighth inning.

Seibu lost three games in a row with a draw by starting pitcher Imai.