Three months before the start of the Olympic football tournament in Tokyo, the Orange Women will finally go into the tube for the group stage draw on Wednesday morning.

Based on the FIFA ranking, in which the Netherlands occupies third place, the team of national coach Sarina Wiegman is in pot 1. The other two countries in pot 1 (in total there are three groups) are world champions United States (1) and host country Japan (number 11 in the FIFA ranking) and they cannot hit the Orange women in the group stage.

The Netherlands will meet another strong country in the group stage, because in pot 2 are Sweden (fifth in the ranking), England (6) and Brazil (7).

From pot 3, the Netherlands cannot be linked to Canada, because that country automatically joins Japan in the group.

The other countries in pot 3 - Australia and China - belong to the same Confederation (AFC) as Japan.

That is why they join the group in the Netherlands or the US.

The weakest country on paper that can be linked to the Netherlands is Zambia (104) from pot 4, also the only African country.

Fund layout for the women's Olympic football tournament

  • Pot 1: United States (1), Netherlands (3), Japan (11)

  • Pot 2: Sweden (5), England (6), Brazil (7)

  • Pot 3: Canada (8), Australia (9), China (14)

  • Pot 4: New Zealand (22), Chile (37), Zambia (104)

Germany became Olympic champion in 2016.

That country has not qualified this time.

Germany became Olympic champion in 2016.

That country has not qualified this time.

Photo: ANP

'Important that there is clarity'

The number one and two of each group advance to the quarter-finals, plus the top two numbers three.

In the group stage, therefore, only four of the twelve countries in total are eliminated.

The draw is not only interesting for Orange women because of the group classification, but Wiegman's team also knows where they play in Japan.

Only two of the seven stadiums are in Tokyo.

The Netherlands may have to divert to Sapporo, which is almost a two-hour flight from the Japanese capital.

Orange trains far from the Olympic village.

"You will hardly notice the atmosphere of the Games", says Wiegman.

"That would be a shame, although there might also be players who like it. The most important thing is that we now get clarity about the schedule during the Games."

The draw starts on Wednesday at 10 a.m. and the start of the Olympic women's football tournament is on July 21, two days before the opening ceremony of the Games.

The final is on August 6 at the Japan National Stadium in Tokyo.

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