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Tokyo Olympics soccer draw, Korea was organized in'Best Group' with New Zealand, Romania and Honduras. Coach Hak-beom Kim watched the draw at the top of Bukhansan Mountain, and it seems that he received good energy.

This is Ha Seong-ryong reporter.


Korea, which was assigned to the top seed based on the results of the recent 5 Olympic Games, was organized into the best group in the group lottery in Zurich, Switzerland.

With our first placement in Group B, Oceania's New Zealand, North and Central America's Honduras and Europe's Romania joined.

They avoided the strong European and demanding African teams, and the game venue is also near Tokyo, making it the best Zorra.

Korea will play the first game against New Zealand in Kashima and the second game against Romania, followed by the third game in Yokohama against Honduras.

We are higher in the FIFA rankings than the three teams, and we are ahead of the previous record.

For Honduras, who suffered a defeat in the quarterfinals of the Rio Olympics, it is a new year's battle for the first time in five years.

Coach Kim Hak-beom said that he would receive good energy, and after watching the draw at the top of Bukhansan Mountain, he pledged his best results by surpassing the bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympics.

[Kim Hak-beom/Olympic soccer team coach: We will go to the Olympics and bring medals and prepare to become such an Olympics that can give strength to all of you (difficult with Corona 19). Please look forward to good grades.]

If you are in the second place in the group and reach the quarterfinals, you will compete for the quarterfinals with Japan, South Africa, Mexico and France.

(Video editing: Kim Byung-jik)