That date coincides with the end of an altitude camp with the national ski team in the coming important Olympic season.

Johaug was suspended from the latest games in Pyeongchang 2018.

- It will probably be too tough to throw yourself into a track race then, Johaug says to NRK.

Johaug ran solo with a flashing light ramp like hare last year when she completed 10,000 meters on the personal record 31.40.67, which can be compared with the Olympic qualifying limit which is 31.25.

Hoping for a new move

Now Johaug hopes that the gala will be moved again, which has to do with how Norway can be opened up during the ongoing pandemic.

- I had been with June 10 and can also be with in August, says Johaug who had looked forward to running in a field and fighting woman against woman in a cluster.

- I think running in a cluster can make it go a little faster, says Johaug who has so far run in regular training shoes but is considering testing on spiked shoes.

- I have actually never worn a nail shoe in my entire life so I have no idea what that feeling would be like, says Johaug and feels that she needs to get her legs used to the experience.

She does not want to risk incurring any injuries.

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A happy Johaug after the race.

Photo: SVT