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  • Following Manchester City's official withdrawal from the Super League, other English clubs followed suit on Tuesday evening.

  • The founders of the project have finally announced the suspension of it but they still hope to be able to make it accept after having made it undergo a remodel.

  • The mobilization of supporters, political power, players and former football players, has borne fruit.

    At least that is the situation to date Wednesday morning.

10:57 am: No 

more Super League,

no need for a meeting

between captains of Premier League clubs, initially scheduled for Wednesday.

Here is a summary of the meaning of the information provided by journalist David Ornstein.

⚽️ Today's Premier League captains meeting is canceled.

Not needed now #europesuperleague is off

⚽️ Source close to PL credits fans & adds that Klopp, Bamford & Milner comments on Monday made the biggest difference in collective effort @TheAthleticUK #ESL

- David Ornstein (@David_Ornstein) April 21, 2021

10:42 am: 

At nearly 30 years old, the former enfant terrible Andy Delort is not far from having become a model of wisdom, who loves small clubs, but not the Super League project.

We tell you about it here. 

10h15: This is what it gives in French, a kind of "I understood you" in liverpuldienne sauce

“I want to apologize to all the fans for the inconvenience (sic) caused during the last 48 hours.

The proposed project would never be successful without the support of the supporters.

We heard you, I heard you.

I also want to apologize to Jürgen (Klopp) and all the players who work hard for Liverpool.

A job that makes our fans so proud ”. 

“I know the entire Liverpool FC team has the expertise and the passion to restore confidence and help us move forward. Our work is not done. I hope you will understand that even when we make mistakes, we try to work in the best interests of your club. For that, I let you down. I am once again sorry and solely responsible for what happened during the last two days. It is something that I will not forget. It shows the power the fans have today and will continue to have rightly so ... It is important that the Liverpool football family remains intact. "

10:10 am: 

First highlight of the day with an apology from John W. Henry, the owner of Liverpool.

Confessed fault, all that, all that ... 

John W Henry's message to Liverpool supporters.

- Liverpool FC (@LFC) April 21, 2021


Nasser De Gaulle, savior of world football, admit that you hadn't seen this one coming! 

🗣💬 "Nasser, thank you from the bottom of my heart, you show that you are a great man and that you respect football ... The same compliments go to Jean-Michel Aulas ... The supporters of your teams are lucky to have you "

🇫🇷 Ceferin warmly thanks Nasser and Aulas

- RMC Sport (@RMCsport) April 20, 2021

9.45am: Satan has decided, "football is no longer a game", move on there is nothing to see

The guy does not budge, for him if football breaks its mouth it is because young people prefer to watch e-sport competitions.

While it is not impossible that competition exists between these two worlds, it is true, we must also stop pretending that we have not understood that the number 1 problem is the insane money that it is. you have to go out every season to follow your favorite club at the stadium and on TV.

This pathetic diversionary attempt has nothing to envy to the classic "LA, LOOK, A VEILED WOMAN !!!"

»Used before every political election in France for 30 years.

Agnelli: "The youngest want to see big events (...) Creating a competition that simulates what they do on digital platforms - like FIFA - means getting closer to them and facing Fornite or Call Of competitions Duty which are their centers of interest "

- GuillaumeMP (@Guillaumemp) April 20, 2021

9:30 am: Agnelli does not let go of her noos

If yesterday and Monday, it was especially Florentino Perez that we heard defend the project, Agnelli chose Children's Day to get out of the woods.

And the (still) boss of Juve is not in the lace.

After announcing that football was "no longer a game" but "a business" (I pity the children of Agnelli who, in the Park, are not going to play football but make economic forecasts for the price of Juve on the stock market ), the Italian warned in La Repubblica: “Between our clubs, there is a blood pact, we will move forward.

(The project) has a 100% chance of success ”.

9:15 a.m .: Informative message 

Let's agree on one point.

I heard a lot last night, in the general excitement, that football had won.

We're going to stay a little more measured if you don't mind.

It was absolutely not a Manichean fight between, on the one hand the villains of the Super League and, on the other, the kind benefactors of UEFA and Fifa.

Let's just say we avoided the worst. 

9:10 a.m .: 

Here, the unofficial president of Real Madrid does not look cheerful this morning.

It must be said that he spent his day yesterday announcing that the project was tied up and solid and that the bad Parisian and Munich players would have no other choice but to join the caravan of hell.

Caramaba ... 

It is all moving ultimately.

This power of supporters and morals.

I have to admit it.

I imagine the next step is the boycott of the World Cup in Qatar with its stadiums built by slaves and its thousands of dead.


- frédéric hermel🇫🇷 (@fredhermel) April 20, 2021

9am: The media are jubilant in the early morning

I really liked the front page of L'Equipe du jour, which preferred to honor Rumilly Vallières' qualifying against TFC, because C'EST CA LE FOOT. 

“This is football” on the front page of L'Équipe on Wednesday, April 21, 2021.

- THE TEAM (@the team) April 20, 2021

8:50 am: The 20 Minutes investigation unit leads the investigation

Before the project exploded in flight, we thought we were going to paint you a robot portrait of the famous fan-type that the duo of hell Perez-Agnelli wanted to make happy again in front of a football match.

Spoiler alert: we're still looking. 

Who are these fantasized supporters to whom the Super League was addressed?

via @ 20minutesSport

- 20 Minutes Sport (@ 20minutesSport) April 21, 2021

8:45 am: It's not a failure, it's just that it didn't work out

In everyday life, men of the caliber of Florentino Perez and Andrea Angnelli are not the type to be faced with "no" in the face.

So, despite the rouste received yesterday throughout the day, they could not officially admit that their putschist enterprise was nothing but a disaster.

What do we say in such circumstances?

That “we will reconsider the appropriate steps and reshape the project, always keeping in mind to provide supporters with the best possible experience.

Nobody believes it but it helps to avoid humiliation. 

8:40 am: Summary of the previous episode [toudoum]

After a launch announced on the sly through a poor terse press release published Sunday at noon, we must believe that things in the Super League can only be done once night (European) has fallen. This is still what happened last night with, at the stroke of 8:30 p.m., Manchester City's first official withdrawal.

The other five English clubs followed: Tottenham, Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal initially at the end of the evening, followed two hours later by Chelsea who found that "his participation would not serve the interests of the club, of its supporters and the wider football community ”.

"We made a mistake and we apologize for that", for his part acknowledged Arsenal in a statement, summing up in one sentence what supporters, authorities and governments have been striving to point out for two days.

8:30 am: Hello revolutionaries!

So, what institution are we bringing down today?

The ECB?

The Bank of France?

You're right, let's see what will really happen to the Super League before we dream bigger. 

If everything goes as planned, one last live today and we can calmly resume our normal activities tomorrow.

Yep, after a day yesterday as rarely seen in football, with twists and turns and a good dose of dramaturgy on all floors, the brand new Super League has lived.

After the official announcement of Manchester City's withdrawal in the early evening on Tuesday, the house of cards quickly collapsed and the rats almost all left the ship.

However, on the still smoking ruins of their stillborn project, the two captains Florentino Perez and Andrea Agnelli persist in making us believe that the case may not yet be heard.

After all, we are no longer close to a twist.

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