Aleksander Ceferin is happy that Manchester City was the first club to take the step on Tuesday to withdraw from the plans for a Super League.

The UEFA president hopes that more clubs will follow.

"I am happy to welcome City back into the European football family. They have shown that they are sensible and listen to the many opinions. Especially those of the fans," said Ceferin in a brief comment.

"They have recognized that the current European system has many advantages too. It takes courage to admit a mistake, but I never doubted they had the common sense to make that decision."

City's decision came after an evening of speculation about clubs withdrawing.

Chelsea is also reportedly about to drop out and there are even more clubs that do not feel like participating anymore.


Enraged Chelsea fans are massively protesting against Super League

Prime Minister Johnson: 'Hopefully other clubs will follow soon'

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, like Ceferin, is happy with Manchester City's choice and has already anticipated Chelsea's decision in his response, even though the club has not yet officially announced that they are no longer an option in Super League.

“This is the only right decision they can make. I appreciate it,” he said.

"I hope the other clubs will follow soon. It was the wrong choice. Hopefully they will change their mind."

Johnson fought for two days against the Super League, the closed competition for twelve top European clubs.

He even threatened to go to court to prevent the new competition.

The English Football Association FA writes: "We thank the fans for their influential and unique sound. It is a powerful reminder that football is there for the supporters. We also thank politicians for their continued support against the plans."

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