Professional baseball coach Hanwha Subero and Samsung Pirella are captivating with excitement and talent, but there is no'cheerleader' in the dugout.

This is reporter Lee Seong-hoon.

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Hanwha hitters hit the right time, the person with the loudest voice in the dugout is Director Subero.

They high-five through the dugout before the player who scored and entered.

Unlike other coaches who keep only the end of the dugout silently, the players also cheer together in their pockets.

He was so free-minded that he went to the bathroom during the game and was pointed out by the referee, but coach Subero said he would raise the atmosphere so that the young Hanwha players could play more excitingly, saying that since the days of the United States, the ‘unrighteous leader’ has been his creed.


Samsung fans fell in love with the new foreign batter Pirella.

The hot batting ability, which is the number one home run in the team, is good, but in any situation, I do my best to sprint and applause for the hustle play where the uniform is clean.

Pirella brings you joy with the excitement of enjoying dancing and singing.

Pirella is making an outstanding performance today (21st).

SSG made a solo arch in the 3rd and 4th innings before hitting the batter, making it the second home run alone with the 6th home run.

(Video editing: Nam Il)