Chinanews client, April 20, Beijing time on the evening of the 19th, the UEFA Champions League officially announced that UEFA has passed the UEFA Champions League reform proposal. From 2024, the UEFA Champions League will be expanded to 36 teams, and the group stage matches will be cancelled.

Announcement screenshot

  According to the reform proposal, the total number of Champions League teams will be increased from 32 to 36, and the traditional group stage will be changed to a single league stage for all teams, ensuring that each participating team participates in 10 group matches, 5 home games and 5 away games.

  The top eight teams will automatically enter the knockout stage, and the 9th to 24th teams will have two rounds of knockout rounds and finally decide the top 16.

  In addition, among the newly added 4 places, the third-placed team in the fifth-ranked UEFA national league can directly qualify for a Champions League main match, and the promotion places for the Champions League qualifying round will also increase from 4 to 5 pcs.

  The last two places will be allocated to the clubs with the highest coefficient in the past 5 years and have qualified for the Champions League play-offs, the Europa League or the UEFA Cup, but have not qualified for the Champions League main game.

  UEFA said: "After consulting with the majority of football practitioners, the UEFA Executive Committee has made this reform. This change is made to ensure that the future of European football can be positively developed in all aspects. ."(Finish)