Who are all those wealthy owners of the Super League clubs?

Their CVs already show that it is only about one thing: even more money.

The clubs that want to form the Super League have been accused from many quarters in recent days that this break with normal European top football is mainly about money.

Indeed, making money is the main occupation of the row of billionaires who own these clubs.

An overview:


  • Owner: Stanley Kroenke (USA)

  • Estimated net worth: 6.8 billion euros

Kroenke has a huge real estate and sports empire

Arsenal has been fully owned by Kroenke Sport & Entertainment since 2018, which also has the Denver Nuggets (NBA) Los Angeles Rams (NFL) and Colorado Avalanche in its portfolio.

Stanley Kroenke (73) has become rich thanks to the building of his real estate and sports empire.

He owns nearly three million square feet of real estate and half a million acres of land in the US and Canada.

And thus the Premier League club from North London.

In addition, the Arsenal owner is married to Ann Walton-Kroenke (72).

She is the daughter of Walmart co-founder Bud Walton and therefore a member of the richest family in the world (estimated joint assets: more than 200 billion euros).

AC Milan

  • Owner: Paul Singer (USA)

  • Estimated net worth: 3.6 billion euros

Singer made money from Peru, Congo and Argentina

AC Milan was acquired in 2018 by Elliott Management Corporation, a New York-based investment fund founded by Paul Singer.

Billionaire Singer (76) has become rich, among other things, by buying up debts from companies and countries in trouble, to later make a profit.

He succeeded in this in countries such as Peru, Congo and Argentina.

Milan came into the hands of Singer because the previous owner, the Chinese businessman Li Yonghong, could not meet the repayment of a loan of 330 million euros provided by Singer.

With the money from that loan, Yonghong had previously bought the Lombardy club from Silvio Berlusconi.

The American has since invested heavily in Milan, presumably in order to sell the club - according to his usual method - with a lot of profit.

Atlético Madrid

  • Owners: Miguel Ángel Gil Marín (51 percent), Idan Ofer (30 percent), Enrique Cerezo (19 percent)

  • Estimated assets: Gil Marín 250 million euros, Cerezo 230 million euros, Ofer 4.5 billion euros.

A shipping magnate, a bull breeder and a film producer

Ofer (65) is by far the richest of Atlético's three owners.

The Israeli is the son of a shipping magnate and built his own empire in the 1980s.

He is Chairman of the Board of Israel Corporation, which, in addition to shipping, is also active in oil, energy and chemicals.

Investment to make more money with money.

Gil Marín (58) is the son of the controversial former Atlético chairman Jesús Gil y Gil and has become rich himself thanks to the breeding of bulls and horses.

Cerezo (73) is the current president of Atlético.

He amassed his fortune as a film producer.


  • Owner: Roman Abramovich (Israel)

  • Estimated net worth: 14.4 billion euros

A wealthy Russian born set the tone

Abramovich (54) was one of the first rich people to take over a football club and become a superpower.

Before the takeover in 2003, Chelsea won one league title, five times since then thanks to the enormous investments of Abramovich.

The Russian native amassed his wealth mainly through the (controversial) privatization of the oil company Sibneft.

Abramovich is now an Israeli citizen.

His 162.5 meter longer yacht 'Eclipse' was the largest yacht in the world when it was purchased in 2010.

Manchester United

  • Owners: Family Glazer (USA)

  • Estimated net worth: 3.9 billion euros

From watchmaker to investor

Of all club owners in English top football, the family of Malcolm Glazer, who died in 2014, is the least popular.

The possession of the largest club in the Premier League, divided over his six children, has led to protests and great dissatisfaction since 2005, partly because the club, which always writes black figures, was suddenly saddled with large debts.

Glazer himself got rich by repairing watches and investing that money in real estate.

Later, investing itself became the largest source of income for his Florida family.

Making more money with money is the main goal of the Glazers.

In addition to United, the family also owns Super Bowl holder Tampa Bay Buccaneers from star player Tom Brady.

Joël (center) and Avram Glazer take a picture with Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solksjaer (Picture: Getty)

Joël (center) and Avram Glazer take a picture with Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solksjaer (Picture: Getty)

Photo: Getty Images

Manchester City

  • Owner: Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan

  • Estimated net worth: 18 billion euros

Member of the Abu Dhabi Royal Family

Manchester City is formally part of the City Football Group, which owns all or part of the shares of ten football clubs, including, in addition to City, Lommel from Belgium, Girona from Spain and Troyes from the French Ligue 2.

The ultimate majority shareholder is Sheikh Mansour. bin Zayed Al Nahyan (50), member of the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

Sheikh Mansour owns shares in a large number of companies through a jumble of investment companies, obviously with the aim of further growing his already considerable fortune.

The Sheikh also owns the 147 meter long and 400 million euro yacht Topaz.

Juventus -

  • Owner: Family Agnelli (Italy)

  • Estimated net worth: 11.2 billion euros

In the hands of the FIAT family for almost a hundred years

The old lady has been in the hands of the Agnelli family since 1923, best known as the family behind car manufacturer FIAT.

Formally, Juventus falls under the Agnelli's parent company Exor, of which, for example, Ferrari is also part.

The Exor letterbox is conveniently located in the Netherlands from a tax perspective.

At Juventus it is all about Andrea Agnelli. The 45-year-old Italian is currently the face of the club on behalf of the family dynasty.

But he does more: Agnelli is also on the board of Stellantis, the parent company behind Alfa Romeo, FIAT, Peugeot and Citroën and, of course, on the board of the overarching Exor.

Agnelli's cousin John Elkann (himself good for 2 billion euros) is the chairman of the board of Exor, making it the business head of the family.


  • Owner: John W. Henry (USA)

  • Estimated net worth: 2.3 billion euros

Henry traded corn and soybeans

Liverpool has been owned by the Fenway Sports Group since 2010, which is largely owned by billionaire John W. Henry (71).

Having become wealthy through the corn and soybean trade, the American built a lucrative sports empire.

In the US, Henry is best known as the owner of baseball club Boston Red Sox and NASCAR team Roush Fenway Racing.

But the Fenway Sports Group doesn't just belong to Henry.

There is an impressive list of investors looking to make money from the sports empire.

The most striking name on that list is without a doubt NBA star Lebron James.

John W. Henry and wife Linda with Liverpool's 2019 Champions League (Picture: Getty)

John W. Henry and wife Linda with Liverpool's 2019 Champions League (Picture: Getty)

Photo: Getty Images


  • Owner: Zhang Jindong (China)

  • Estimated net worth: 6 billion euros

Zhang used to sell air conditioners, now almost everything

The leader of the Serie A is in Chinese hands.

The main shareholder is the Suning Holdings Group (68 percent), while LionRock Capital, a Hong Kong investment company owns 31 percent of the shares.

The Suning Holdings Group was founded by the Chinese billionaire Zhang Jindong (58).

It became rich mainly through the sale of air conditioners and is now the big man behind one of the largest retail companies in China.

Zhang's capital is of course partly invested in other companies, including Internazionale.

Son Zhang Kangyang (better known as Steven Zang) is the president of the Milan top club.

Tottenham Hotspur

  • Owner: Joe Lewis (Eng)

  • Estimated net worth: 4 billion euros

From currency speculator to mega investor

84-year-old Londoner Joe Lewis made a fortune as a currency speculator, especially when he worked with George Soros to remove the British pound from the European Monetary System in 1992.

Lewis now lives in the Bahamas for tax reasons and is the main investor of the Tavistock Group.

These include interests in real estate development, numerous restaurant chains and the oil and gas industry.

Lewis is also the developer of Lake Nona near Orlando, Florida, a huge landscaped residential area with a large golf resort.

The Dutch national team stayed here during the 1994 World Cup.

Lewis is the main shareholder of Tottenham Hotspur through another investment company, the ENIC Group.

The other shareholder is the current club president: Daniel Levy.

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid

  • Owners: The own supporters, according to the 'socios' system

Enormous value, but also huge debts

The two top Spanish clubs differ from the other ten clubs because they are fully owned by their own members, the so-called



They pay an annual fee to be a member, but they get a say in return.

For example, the presidents of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are chosen by the members of their clubs.

Both clubs are worth billions, but also have large debts, which of course also have to be paid off.

Barcelona, ​​in particular, is currently in financial trouble.

Although there is not formally a profit motive, both superpowers need millions to create good teams.

Estimated assets are based on Forbes World Billionaires Index