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  • Twelve of the biggest European clubs announced on Monday the launch of a competition project, the Super League, which would directly compete with the Champions League. 

  • Here is the list of the founding clubs, which would ensure the governance of this competition: AC Milan, Arsenal, Atlético Madrid, Chelsea FC, FC Barcelona, ​​Inter Milan, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Tottenham. 

  • Bank JP Morgan announced on Monday that it would finance this project, a real earthquake in the world of football. 

8:20 am: Florentino, the white rider of the round ball

"Everything I do is for the good of football," Gargamelle warned.

It was just missing a little violin in the background and we were on the verge of getting up to applaud and thank him.

8:15 am: Why did you create such an entity?

Perez explains himself

“We noticed that TV audiences were down and that TV rights had gone down.

We had to do something.

And with the pandemic ... we are all ruined.

Football is global, we have fans all over the world.

Television is the medium that must change the most to adapt to current times.


“We had to do an analysis and find out why young people, 16-24 year olds, were no longer interested in football.

There are a lot of matches with little sporting interest.

Young people also evolve on other platforms.

Football must therefore adapt.

We agreed that we had to change something to make this sport more attractive on a global level.


>> If I summarize, “yeah, yeah, we don't have a round anymore because of the Covid” and “it's the fault of the kids who no longer watch football on TV”. 

8:10 a.m .: Florentino's great oral examination

Not that it enchants me to give the floor to Papy Perez so much, but what do you want, you have to debrief the passage of Darko Vadoro de la Mancha on the set of El Chiringuito Monday evening.

The president of Real was invited to defend his Super League project and the least we can say is that he was not too bothered by the scratchy questions of our Spanish colleagues.

Before going into detail, a hot opinion from our raïs, Julien Laloye, jefe of the sports department at 20 Minutes.

The interview with Perez is a shame.

For journalists and for himself.

But he still implies that the project can still fail

- J. Laloye (@Zonemixte) April 20, 2021

8:00 am: Hi everyone!

Welcome to another day of live on the rich war front.

I do not know how things are going with you, but here it is the total depression, it does not move.

But after the depression will come the revolt, Florentinon you are warned. 

So it was neither a freak April Fools nor a bad dream, the last 48 hours have indeed existed for real.

While the now famous 12 Salopards are trying to get their hands on European football and its organization (well, especially on its money), the rest of the continent is breaking the soup tureen to regain control in this historical-pathetic affair.

We'll see what happened last night. 

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