How the supporters stand on this explosive topic, it quickly became clear on Monday.

In their first reaction to the Super League planned by twelve major European clubs, people burned a Reds jersey in front of the stadium before Liverpool FC's away game at Leeds United, and banners were removed from the stadium on Anfield Road.

Jürgen Klopp made it clear that he could understand the anger.

And he also continues to believe that the competition for the Champions League is not a good idea.

The 53-year-old successful trainer of the Reds was annoyed by the reactions.

In his opinion, neither he nor his players should be lumped together with the owners of the English soccer champions.

“The team has nothing to do with it.

And I don't really have anything to do with it either.

But that's how people treat us.

Leeds fans yelled at us in town when we went for a walk in the afternoon, ”he said after the 1-1 draw on Monday evening.

"Our owners made the decision, this is part of the club, but the whole club is bigger than any of us."

What the Leeds United players think of the Super League plans, they documented during the warm-up before the game against Liverpool on Monday evening

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Liverpool captain James Milner was the first professional from one of the rebel clubs to publicly oppose the plans.

"I don't like it, and hopefully it won't happen," said Milner after the game, before the start of the game, before the Leeds pros made their protest visible with T-shirts.

“Earn it”, with the Champions League logo, was written on the front and the phrase “Football is for the fans” on the back.

Klopp said he has no plans to personally draw any conclusions from his employer's involvement.

“It's not what I heard today that I'm going to resign or whatever.

When times get tougher, I'll stick even more and stay here, ”said the 53-year-old.

“I feel responsible for the team, for the club, and I feel responsible for the relationship we have with our fans.

It's a very hard time, I'm sure, but I'll try to help sort it out somehow. "

Klopp shows understanding

On Monday night, twelve European top clubs from England, Italy and Spain announced that they wanted to found their own international Super League.

This also includes Liverpool FC.

German clubs are not among them so far.

Fan anger in Liverpool: A Reds supporter burns a jersey of the reigning champions in response to the Super League plans

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Klopp said he didn't think the Super League was a good idea.

He showed no understanding that the fans of the Reds had dismantled the banner from the stadium on Anfield Road.

“I understand they are mad, that's not my problem.

My problem is that the banners are there for the team.

That's why I think I would leave them there, "said Klopp:" I understand that the fans want to act and show their anger, I understand that.

But let's not forget what I said earlier: the team had nothing to do with it.

And at such a moment they withdraw support from the team. "