While the world of football is tearing itself apart around the Super League project, the "mundillo" of the Top 14 is gnawing at the case of Gaël Fickou.

Left prematurely at Racing 92 instead of finishing the season with Stade Français, the international center created a stir and annoyed its now former president.

The rather discreet Hans-Peter Wild came out of his reserve to express himself in



“I am very disappointed, loose the German billionaire.

Disappointed with his state of mind.

It is not done to leave your partners during the season.

The club needed him to try to grab the top 6. "

"Each match is 150,000 euros"

According to Wild, Fickou visited his coach Gonzalo Quesada on April 13 to let him know that he wanted to join Racing 92 now, and not this summer as initially agreed.

Wild was against it, but “Thomas Lombard [club general manager] and Gonzalo Quesada convinced me to release him and that it would be beneficial for the club financially, that we could recruit several players thanks to his departure.


Beneficial or not, the owner of the Stade Français puts a hell of a shot at his player, "the best paid of the club", for which he had paid 700,000 euros in 2018, in order to buy back his last year of contract at the Stade Toulousain.

"Except the first year, he has never been as good with us as with the fifteen of France".

But still ?

“Gaël costs us a million euros a season.

So each match is 150,000 euros!

It's just amazing!

" Incredible but true.


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