The Premier League match between Liverpool and Leeds United (1-1) was completely overshadowed by the controversy over the Super League on Monday evening.

Leeds coach Marcelo Bielsa, who saw his players warm up in a protest shirt, believes that the future of football is at stake.

"Of course there are clubs that are a bit more important than the rest, but they have to be aware that they need the smaller teams," Bielsa said after the game at Elland Road.

"Football belongs to everyone. Because of these developments real football fans are attacked and the future of the sport is at stake."

Twelve top European clubs, including Liverpool, took over the entire football world on Monday after they announced the arrival of the Super League.

Protests from supporters already took place in England before the game against Leeds United and the players of the home team took that even further by finishing the warm-up in protest shirts.

The front had a Champions League logo that read 'Earn it' and the back of the shirt read 'Football is for the fans'.

"I have not seen any football fan on Twitter who is happy with the Super League," said Leeds United striker Patrick Bamford after the game against

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“Football is for the fans, because without them a club is nowhere. It is important that we do not give in as players and remain strong in our shoes. It is very special to see how much resistance there is now. with all the abuses in football happens, such as racism. "

Supporters of Liverpool and Leeds United protested against the new Super League on Monday evening.

Supporters of Liverpool and Leeds United protested against the new Super League on Monday evening.

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Liverpool midfielder Milner does not like Super League

Not only players, but also many clubs all over Europe took away from the Super League on Monday evening.

Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich, Ajax and FC Porto, among others, announced that they were not interested in participating in the already controversial competition.

"Our chairman also dares to stick out his leg to counteract the power of the big clubs," said Bielsa.

"That is really something we can be proud of. The real club owners are the people who really love the game. Without them, football would disappear."

Not all of them seem to be in favor of the Super League at Liverpool.

35-year-old midfielder James Milner was the only one who really dared to speak out.

"My personal opinion is that I don't like it and that I hope that the Super League will not happen."

The current situation at Liverpool proves once again why the European top clubs want their own tournament.

'The Reds' are currently sixth in the Premier League and are in danger of missing out on a Champions League ticket and a lot of money.

Leeds United is a mid-rider in the Premier League.

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