According to a survey by the NPB = Nippon Professional Baseball Organization, more than 70% of the players who were out of force or retired from active duty in professional baseball last season continued to work in baseball.

Every year, NPB announces the results of a survey of the career paths of players who have been out of force from the 12 teams or who have retired from active duty.

Last season, 133 players were targeted, with an average age of 28.1 and an average of 7.7 years in a professional baseball team.

Of the target players, 101, or 76%, continue to work in baseball-related work.

▽ As training players, 23 players have signed new contracts with other


teams and continued to be active,

▽ Independent league and society Twenty-six people have moved to baseball as players and coaches,

both of which are the highest in the last five years.

On the other hand,

▽ 11 people have found employment in general companies, which is the lowest in the past 5 years.

In addition, the number of people whose course is undecided or unknown is 14, which is 5 more than the previous year, the end of the season was delayed last year due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and a tryout jointly held by 12 teams will be held in December every year. It seems that the fact that it was about a month later had an effect.

The person in charge of NPB pointed out that "the number of players who are leaving the team after the training contract is over has increased, so they are younger and the number of years of enrollment is getting shorter." Independent leagues and club teams will have problems with their careers again in a few years, and I have to think about working outside of baseball, so I need to follow up. "