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24 hours after the official creation of the

European Super League

and after a day in which the world of football has lived in the midst of a war between those who are for and against the project,

Florentino Pérez

, president of

Real Madrid

and first president He

spoke about

the new competition that plans to replace the

Champions League

for the first time at

El Chiringuito

. “When you do not have more income than television, you understand that the only way to profit is to make more entertaining games, with more incentives and that more fans can see. That's how we started working, "he summarized.

His first words reflected the reasons why

Real Madrid, Barça, Atlético, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea, Milan, Inter and Juventus

have left UEFA and have taken a step alongside football European: "The conclusion is that if instead of the Champions League we do a Super League between the big clubs,

we would be able to mitigate the losses we have had

." Those red numbers that have affected all the teams on the planet have been primed with Spanish clubs, which are still unable to welcome spectators in their stadiums. In the case of Real Madrid, Pérez assured that they

have lost 400 million euros since the coronavirus pandemic began


“The ECA says they have lost 5 billion.

Last year we had a budget of 800 and we ended up with 700. And this season instead of 900 we are going to see if we enter 600. That's only Madrid.

It is a very bad situation.

"Why are young people not interested in football?"

Asked about the threats he has received from UEFA, FIFA, federations and local leagues, the president of Madrid assured that "it is impossible that Madrid will be thrown out of this Champions League" and that this project is being done "to save football". "

Football has to evolve

, adapt to the times we live in," and he has focused his arguments on the bad audiences among the younger fans. “Football has been losing interest, audiences and television rights have dropped. Something had to be done and the pandemic told us that we had to do it now.

We are all broke

. Soccer is the only global sport and these twelve clubs have fans everywhere.

Why are 40% of young people between 16 and 24 years old not interested in soccer?

Because there are many games of poor quality and they have other platforms where they can be distracted.

We do this to save football at a critical time.

In a movement that is very reminiscent of the creation of the

European Cup

, inspired by

Santiago Bernabéu

in the


Florentino compared both events and placed UEFA and FIFA in the same critical position as then.

We have to do something to make this sport more attractive.

In the 1950s, UEFA and FIFA also opposed and changed history.

What is attractive?

That we play among the greats

, on television is what is valued the most ».

The most critical part of the new Super League project is that some consider it to be a

closed competition

, in which there are

15 teams that have a fixed place

and five that will enter due to the sporting merits of the last season.

Pérez insisted that “it is not a closed competition.

Anyone can enter on their own merits


Money comes for everyone.

If we at the top have money, it flows to everyone and we buy players.

If money is not generated, it does not exist.

What is the whole world demanding?

We have fans all over the world, that's because of the networks, because of the followers ... This is what makes money, "he concluded.

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