Every morning, Anicet Mbida gives us the very best in terms of innovation.

Today he talks about the new generation of bicycle locks that will hit the market in early September from some manufacturers.

This, integrated into the bike, blocks the crankset without having to attach it. 

Your innovation of the day should interest cyclists.

Almost half of them (46%) regularly give up using their bicycle for fear of being stolen.

You have found a new generation of anti-theft devices inspired by the immobilizer of cars. 

Today most cars can be left open.

If you don't have the key, you can't start, so you can't have it stolen.

The same thing happens with bicycles.

You have to imagine arriving with your bike, putting it on the kickstand and not needing to tie it up.

You just need to have the remote control in your pocket and as soon as you take a few steps away the pedal will automatically lock.

The bicycle is completely immobilized.

So impossible to make it roll.

And if a thief shakes it or tries to pick it up, a motion detector will sound the alarm.

How does this technology work, is it something that you add to your bike?

No, this is a factory installed system.

The only way to remove it is to break the crankset and make the bike unusable.

This system was developed by the startup PentaLock.

For added security, it is sold only to bicycle manufacturers.

It will therefore only be available on their next models.

To recognize them, they will have a bright yellow circle around the bottom bracket.

When are the first models coming?

Beginning of September. But we do not yet know from which manufacturer. It was really time to find something other than the U or the chain. Not only are they heavy, dirty and bulky. But in addition, even high-end models end up being cut with a grinder or crocheted by experts. There at least, we will have a remote control, like cars, to be able to lock our bike from a distance.