"Amateur" top scorer: Al-Orouba promoted to the professional league with "coach touch"

Nigerian player of Arabism, Victor Nawaneri.

Emirates today

Al-Orouba player, Nigerian Victor Nawaniri, and the top scorer in the first division, confirmed that the start of the team in the competitions did not suggest that it would go up to the Arabian Gulf League or win the shield, after the negative results in the first three matches, had it not been for the distinctive touch of Tunisian coach Fathi Al-Abidi, before he The turning point that came after the victory over the Emirates (3-2) occurs in the fourth round, a match that changed the course dramatically, as he put it.

He told Emirates Today: “With the support of the club’s management, coach Fathi Al-Obeidi asked us, after the third round, to play every match as a final, and we completed the league while we were playing in this way, which is an important culture that contributed to the rise, and a distinct mental and artistic touch.”

Despite the poor start, but I expected this season to be a great one for me, I was feeling it, but I did not know what it would be.

And about scoring 15 decisive goals that contributed to the climb, Victor Noaneri said: "It was not important for me to be the second scorer, but after every goal I scored I was feeling the team's fortunes improved, so I worked hard, as long as the goals helped the team."

And whether he will stay with Al-Arabiya or return to his original team loaned from him by Hatta team, he said: “I do not know anything about next season, because I have a contract until the end of the next season with Hatta, and the issue will be between Al-Arabiya and Hatta, and I am happy with the two teams, and I will respect the decisions made. "Take on that, and the two teams will decide my fate."

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